Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rain or Shine...Disneyland or bust!

Remember the time we were walking out of Disneyland and after my brother whined about his socks my dad said, "At least you will have this great memory of a time where your mother said, 'Hey, even though the forecast says rain, let's go to Disneyland.'" Then we all laughed...because rain or shine...we all thought Disneyland or bust? Yeah, me too!

I have been home for five days now. Home, as in San Diego. The logic behind this claim even though I consider my 'real home' to be in Sierra Vista, is that anywhere my family lives is home. sentimental, I know.

Disneyland really is magical. All of a sudden all the back problems, knee problems (Dad and Mom) and all other ailments seem to disappear. Especially with Disney's Christmas extravaganza. I have never been to Disneyland during the Christmas season. Not only is the haunted mansion just phenomenal, but everything to the littlest, minute detail has been all Christmased out. I think that my favorite part of the journey was It's a Small World extreme Christmas makeover. The ride was amazing. The lights, unbeatable. The music mixing, incredible. Thanks Disney for your legacy!

Another one of my favorite things - my parents act like they are 6 years old again! Mom was jumping up and down and ready to be a princess. Dad was giddy to go to Roger Rabbit and the shooting rides, like Toy Story where he gets points for shooting stuff. I think Bryan was the least demanding of all the kids ;)

We got to be pirates at least 4 times and ate at the Blue Bayou restaurant that everyone covets going to.

You see, there are some advantages to going to Disneyland two weeks before Christmas and while it is raining. We got on every ride we wanted to (waiting 10 minutes tops), we got to go into places we never have in order to get out of the rain, we got to bundle together to get warm (great date idea...Disney in the rain) and we got to drink more hot chocolate with no dietary excuses! Highly recommended. Nikki, now I get why your family went all the time.

Ah....Disneyland. Another great memory.


Shannon said...

Lucky! What a fun thing to do at this time of the year. Love it! I hope that you're loving every second of being home. Enjoy the holiday...miss ya much here! Thinking of you. Oh and this BFL is extremely difficult at this time of year!

The Solomon Fam said...

I want to go to Disneyland! I do love how it makes you feel like a kid. Have a wonderful Christmas and tell your family hello. (I'm glad you still think of Sierra Vista as your home. It will always be mine too.)

Laurel Leaves said...

FUN!! Thanks for the post I felt like I was there running around with Tink!


Happy Christmas!

V.I.C.K.I. said...

So so so jealous. And good luck with your mom's surgery tomorrow.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Nannon: I know right?? Super great! Um, I quit BFL for the holidays....wait, wasn't that the point?

Solomon Fam: Oh...I know. Especially those parents of mine. I constantly heard, 'Can we go again?' SV will always be home for me. Have a great Christmas too! Loves to you and the fam!

Laurel Leaves: Oh yes...Tink and I sure had a moment ;)

V.I.C.K.I: Thanks my dear. Things will be super great. Love you!

Tara Bergsjo said...

How fun! I will sit here and imagine how much fun you had!! Hope to see you soon!! Love ya1!

Nikki said...

Awwww...see I told you you missed out on something magical! Christmas is the best time to go...BUT take my word for it and DO NOT GO THE WEEK AFTER CHRISTMAS. A few times we went the week between Christmas and New Years. WORST DECISION EVER! 4-5 hour ride times and way too many people. I remember when I was 12 or 13 and we were in line for Splash Mountain the first year it opened...We had been waiting about 4 hours and my dad said (and I quote) "This ride better be better than sex". YUCK! But seriously- it was THAT bad!

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Tara: Why imagine? You know you have an aunt and uncle who live in San Diego. I am sure they will let you crash at their house any day!!

Nikki: Oh I know it!! Going on the rides like more than a dozen times each....totally worth it!