Thursday, April 30, 2009

The only time I care

I realized today, in fact just two minutes ago, that the only time I care what people think about me is when I stink up a room unintentionally. I don't actually remember a time when I have intentionally wanted to be stinky. I mean, it isn't like I want to have a stench that would intentionally drive people away..cause let's be honest, I like being around people.

Generally how loud I am, singing in public, looking hammered because of finals, whatever it may be...doesn't necessarily mean anything to me. I don't care that people might not appreciate that I forgot to shower two days in a row and my hair is all greasy.

BUT, I do care when I 'let one' in the school library. How embarrassing. I mean, I shouldn't care really, but here is something that you may not know about farts....kidding, you probably know...but they linger. Who on earth wants to be around lingering stink? Not I. At least if I didn't shower, I could be a fair distance away from you and you wouldn't smell it. If only I were blessed with non-stink gas. That would be wonderful. I inherited this trait from my mom....why mom, why?

Darn pull-apart pork sandwich from Nauvoo Cafe.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look what Mamma Blau is up to now

My mom is nuts...and I mean that in a good way! She has a different project every week...which is one thing that makes my mom, my mom. And it ROCKS!

Lately, she has been into making these lit
tle bags...that also ROCK!!

My poor mom though, really. Today we were talki
ng about how this sewing fad didn't pass on to me or my sister. I have noticed that a lot of my girlfriends have taken up sewing since they have had children. Maybe then I will get into it.

I remember how my mom did summer school with Jamie and me one year and one of the classes that we took from her was sewing. We both got incredibly frustrated when we worked so hard at putting something together and it didn't look just right. Talking with my friends who are taking up sewing, they have also expressed frustration with sewing. Well, people, I will let you in on a little isn't going to be perfect for a while. That is right, sewing is just like life. It takes time before it is perfect.

I don't know how to scan pictures in this thing, but I could show you that my mom's sewing wasn't necessarily 'perfect' all the time. When she was experimenting for the first little while on childrens clothing, she used me as her model...or some might say 'dummy.' For the first couple years of my life, I was a boy. My mom used material from my dad's old shirts and made me clothes. THAT'S RIGHT! I was a boy for the first couple years of my life.

Mom has never had problems experimenting new patterns, designs and materials on all of us kids. For some reason, Jamie somehow escaped this, but not me...or Brendon for that matter. I think Bryan is truly the luckiest. He can say, "Hey mom, I want to be Jack from Pirates this year for Halloween." And she can whip something up right away. Lucky kid....

But, Brendon...oh dear Brendon...poor Brendon. I remember mom getting into swimsuits. The girly swimsuits were fun. I think that was when she really realized that I was a girl! But, poor Brendon, he was doomed as soon as my mom found the SPEEDO pattern. But not only a Speedo pattern to cut out the swimsuit...the material was pink and turquoise cheetah print. Oh...ha ha tee hee side!

I love looking at the old pics.

I make fun, but really....I LOVE my mom's rewarding hobbies and I mean it. I have piano music, paintings, swimsuits (yes she still makes them for me...when I beg), cabbage patch doll clothes, bags (and even one for my laptop), DVD experiment videos, creative writing books she wrote in and made, CDs of all the songs that remind her of her life growing up, all the home videos of our family (world's best Christmas gift ever), quilts (like the one she made for my future my bed), Halloween costumes that my sister and I fought/fight over (the pink Jeannie costume being my favorite..who says a girl can't be a little scandalous on Halloween ;), bini's, scarves,jewelry (shrinky-dink and clay), beaded ornaments, primary/sunday school lesson plans with games, elementary school lessons, knit blankets, crocheted blankets...the list goes on an on!

I love that my mom always has to learn something new. She is so creative and talented. I admire her talents...and really am sad that I haven't carried her traits. I still have needles sitting in my cupboard with yarn on them...waiting to be knitted into something fabulous. A pot holder, a wicked long scarf...something. And yet...they sit, untouched since last year!

The woman is amazing. If you haven't gathered yet. Sometimes she will post her creations on her blog. You should really check it out. I keep telling her to sell her stuff. Who here is interested in buying any of the things I mentioned?? Maybe if I get enough comments, it will convince her to sell stuff!

Love you mom....maybe your future grandkids will inherit this skill....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Louder than Words

I am borrowing the phrase that pictures speak louder than words. I could write a post about how absolutely amazing St. George was for Easter weekend, hanging with all of my favorite people. But I think I will just post a couple key pics for you to get the idea. Wish you all could be there too. Well, keep in touch and let's plan a George extravaganza...I am game.

OK-maybe I will list a couple things so that the pictures don't show up all screwy:
  • Traveling down with two amazing boys that kept me entertained with their having to stop to get goodies...then telling me that I was in charge of making sure they didn't eat, didn't work all weekend.
  • Watching one of the boys down a min Ben and Jerry's in 45 seconds and then want to go out for more ice cream at cold stone 5 minutes later
  • Having all my buds show on Thursday night and watching the lamest of the lame movie and laughing about how we wished we had our 2 hours back.
  • Hiking at red cliffs, seeing Jason jumping from rock to rock like a monkey. Extreme team is back. Only some of you may remember Extreme Partners in Crime (EPIC). We were going to make t-shirts back in college after repelling off a 300 foot cliff with only a 290 foot rope. Hmmm.
  • Watching the engineers build a dam
  • Having everyone else meet up with us at Pioneer Park, Arts Festival and eventually meet us at the Pasta Factory...
  • Waking up to Luke's cooking, going to sleep with a full belly because of Luke's cooking
  • Going on the most adventurous ride of my life when we decided to take the back road to Observation Point in Zions in small cars. We used Sarah's SUV to cart people through the mud. Talk about extreme digging!
  • Extreme was the word of the weekend. We did some extreme hiking through the snow...and literally couldn't turn back cause all the cars were gone! We had to go all the way.
  • Standing at Observation Point looking out over the St. George Valley...always amazing and breathtaking. I don't know how anyone could go and not believe in a creator.
  • Dance party madness.
  • Whipped cream fights.
  • Crazies jumping in the 40 degree pool.
  • Needing to get warmed up after the cold hike.
  • Easter Sunday-sacrament meeting where at least 10 singles showed up, eating amazing Easter goodness afterward...thanks again Luke!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pot or not

So, someone smokes pot in the basement of my building at least 2 times a week. I am sure you are thinking, well Lindsey, how do you know what pot smells like? Allow me to explain.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I rode the bus to school. I would walk 10 blocks to the bus station, where I would meet my fellow neighborhood comrades and we would share a very interesting journey with Jim the bus driver to school every day. Well, upon riding the bus my sophomore year, I noticed certain smells in the air. These weren't your average teenage smells like morning breath, non-deodorant users, forgot to take a shower for 3-days kind of smells..this was something new. It smelled like I was back at the horse stalls up on post, but with a little bit of chokey mixed in. That is when I discovered that there were a group of kids smoking pot in the back of the bus.

My first reaction was to report them to Jim the bus driver, but the rumor was that he was pot smoker too....and not only that, but the kids at the back of the bus were mean, and I didn't want to get beat up. So, amongst my tears...because apparently I reacted to the smoke, I stuck my head out the window for two weeks. I finally went next door to my neighbor and asked if she could give me a ride to school. The plan worked for a while, until we started picking up my neighbors' friend on the way to school, who also had a bad habit of smoking.

What a dilemma: going to school with welled up eyes and smelling that nasty pot smell, or going to school smelling like an ashtray oh, and also with bloodshot eyes, because I also have a reaction to ciggy smoke. Sorry for all of you that smoke, I am not trying to offend, this was just my experience.

Anywho, that is how I know what pot smells like.

So, I was driving down the road yesterday sucking on a blow-pop and I thought, I wonder how many people think this is a ciggy? Really, if the bulge of the blow-pop isn't showing in your cheek, it really does look like a ciggy. I mean, remember the whole, 'avoid the appearance of evil' religious talks I have told some of you about? I wonder if sucking on a lolly is included in that theory.


Monday, April 6, 2009

For Paul Cardall

Tonight I came home from a concert planning on working all night on homework and research for school, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to share with y'all what I did tonight!

Tonight I attended a benefit concert for Paul Cardall. For those of you who don't know Paul, he is an incredible musician blessed with several gifts from writing and playing incredibly inspirational music, to creating and developing a successful record label. He has been on the billboard charts for new age music and has 14 studio albums.

I met Paul in 2007, when he approached The Summit Group to help him do PR for a concert and also for some musicians that were some of the first to sign with him. When we first met in a business setting, I was put at ease by his demeanor and attitude. He has a very positive outlook on life and his optimism spread into his business relations. I was excited that I got to work for someone so....for lack of another word....nice!

I ended up leaving The Summit Group shortly after I started working for him. After doing a few jobs on the side for him, I lost track of him....until tonight.

I entered the Cottonwood High School foyer an hour before the performance, overwhelmed by how many people were already there. I mean, c'mon, this is Utah...the place where people wait until the last minute to show up at anything. I thought I would be one of the first...I was wrong. There were people in four lines on the bottom floor and even people started making lines for balcony seating...all waiting for the ushers to open the doors to the auditorium, which I think seats a little over 3,000 people. The show was sold out...I think since Wednesday of last week.

I made my way around meeting my family members, running into old acquaintances and bidding on items that were on display for the silent auction...all proceeds that would go to Paul.

What I didn't know before I got there was the depth of Paul's story. See, I had only heard a little portion of it. I love his music anyway and wanted to go to the concert, but I didn't know what I was in for. You see, (according to my program) Paul is a 36 year old husband and father waiting for a heart transplant. Apparently, he was born in 1973 with congenital heart disease and has been in and out of the hospital for shunts, endocarditis, reconstructive heart surgery and has had various pacemakers replaced between ages 14 and now. He has waited 220 days for a heart.

So tonight, all his musicians, even competitive friends came to support him during this time.

I laughed, I cried, I bee-bopped along, I wished I would have taken more piano, I looked for wedding rings on all the musicians (just to see who was single), I looked around to see how others reacted to certain songs and performances. The stage was decked out with multiple lighting elements, from laser movement to a sweet color pallet, the background was set up with flowing white sheets that hung from the top of the stage and draped in the background, creating a very mystical and energetic space on the stage.

All the instruments, as well as two video screens, were in the front and to the sides. The screens projected close-ups of the musicians, and also acted as a slide show/video presentation during some of the songs.

Here are my personal highlights of the show:
  • When Paul and his family entered the room, everyone stood and applauded.
  • Kurt Bestor began with some songs. Though he makes light that he and Paul are somewhat 'competitors' he respects him as a fellow musician and actually thinks that he is a 'nice guy.' Along with some humor he threw into his performance, he wrote a song on the spot for Paul and his family.
  • David Tolk's witty banter. He talked about writing a song before he married his wife called 'Pretty Girl' then realizing several months after they were married that there was more to her than just looks ;) He then commented that he was sure his wife wouldn't like the intro and justified himself by saying his wife is the most fabulous person ever and that he loved her. His song 'For Lisa' is amazing.
  • Steven Sharp Nelson doing his thing on the cello. Pretty amazing stuff.
  • Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband. K-so I have lived in Utah for almost 9 years now. SHEESH...and Ryan and the gang have been around...I mean around! AND I have never seen them. I is like a sin. I finally got my taste tonight...and you know what? They are good. I bought the CD, I boogied to the sweet bluesy/folky tunes, moved my head back an forth to the fiddle and decided I was going to the concert in June. I am sold on you Shupe.
  • Peter Breinholt-tell me that you remember me!? I remember the first time I saw Peter in the backyard of the 'boys' house up at Utah State. Patrick Svedine (spelling?) had him over once in his backyard on a makeshift stage decorated with hay. From the moment he started playing tunes like St. Theresa, What About....I was sold on Pete. He dedicated one of his songs that was for a little girl named Gracie. Paul is receiving his treatment from Primary Children's Hospital. As he makes his visits, he has a chance to connect with other patients. Gracie was one he made a connection with, who since birth, had trouble with her heart. She was one year old when she died. Paul played at her funeral.
  • COLORS!! Need I say more. Talk about college-days flash back. Seriously. As I recall the first time I saw them was at this outdoor amphitheater up at Utah State. Wow boys...we have been around the block. Russ, you can still rap it like M&M...but cleaner. Yoshi...who knew Yoshi rhymed with anything? Way to go. MMM. Memories! Oh and shout out to Michael Ferguson who helped out with a reggae tune.
  • Love the MC. Not only was he witty....but pretty durn (that's right durn) talented. Sam Payne is his name...
So, that was the outline of the show. I was completely blown away by the love I could feel in the auditorium. You know that feeling like you just got out of an incredible church meeting, or listened to an inspirational sermon or talk...and all you want to do is hug everyone and let them share the joy you have in heart? Yeah, that is how it was tonight for me. I just had to share this.

I have linked several names on this blog. Go to the sites, listen to the free tunes. You could potentially feel what I felt.

I think the most pivotal moment tonight was when Paul and his family were invited to come on to the stage. There was such gratefulness and compassion radiating from the family. Paul decided that he felt good enough to play for us. He too dedicated a song to Gracie...actually, he wrote a song for her. I don't remember if there was a dry eye in the audience.

I am glad I know Paul and that I was able to attend this event, "Living for Eden." I wish you well Paul and will pray for a new heart to come into your we can continue to be inspired by you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I was 16 years old, driving down 92 toward the city library, either to actually go to the library or to watch Brendon play soccer, I don't quite remember. Jamie and mom were in the car with me..and mom didn't want to drive. We were laughing at something mom said, like we always did and do when we are together. Mid conversation, my mom says, "Lindsey, I'm pregnant." My eyes fill with tears, I was so excited!

You see, there are a couple things you need to know in order for me to continue with this story. FLASHBACK: When my family had something important to tell everyone, like if we were moving, if dad's job was changing, if mom got a calling, or whatever, we would have a family council. The conversation always began, "We have something important to tell you." I remember one time, I don't remember exactly how old I was, but I said, "Ooh, you're pregnant." It kind of became a joke in our family and every time our parents said, "We have something important to tell you," we would all chime in and say "You're pregnant."

BACK TO THE STORY: So, when my mom told me that she was really pregnant, I was overwhelmed with joy and totally excited. In the brief seconds before we got to our destination, I imagined this new little person who would enter our household and how lucky I was to be a big sister one more time before I left for college.

Then my mom looked at me and said, "April Fools."

I didn't talk to my mom for 2 weeks. Happy Anniversary Mom :)

Ah, but now here is the clincher, which is why NO one should ever say they are pregnant on April Fools Day. A couple months later we sat down for family council and dad said, "Kids we have something important to tell you," and we all said,"You're pregnant." My mom and my dad just looked at each other and smiled.

I screamed, "Serves you right!" Well, at least that what I think I screamed. There may have been tears too that could have been from laughing so hard we cried, or just because the excitement was real this time.