Friday, December 14, 2012

The Colors, The Ring, The Fantasy of Wedding Planning

As an Event Planner in my previous life, I always thought planning a wedding would be pretty awesome. Now, don't get me wrong....some aspects are AWESOME! Like when I finally decide on something. I find great success when I can finally choose something. There are so many options to consider when planning a wedding. The beauty of the internet is that all these options are at my disposal...and my fingertips....but that is what makes wedding planning so hard! 

There have been many times when I am ready to make my final decision. Credit card is out in hand and I am ready to make a purchase. Cha Ching! BUT WAIT....the little cricket on my shoulder says: "Oh my gosh, are you sure you aren't getting ripped off? Did you really find the best deal? What if you buy it now and then something changes over the course of time and you don't need this item anymore?" Then I chicken out and don't buy anything because I feel like everything else has to be in place first. I have some friends who tell me, "But it's your day. You should be happy, comfortable, excited about your choice, you have the love of your life...why does anything else matter, oh but don't get those shoes - they need to be more 'wedding style,' it's just another $50 bucks right...." and on and on.

Then I shake my fist in the air and say "You won't defeat me, Wedding! You can't take me down!" And then, I bite off all my nails (which are suggested that I have done in the french manicure style for my wedding day....but I refuse), I make the purchases, and I take a nap due to all this wedding exertion. Planning a wedding is difficult business. But, close friends and family will tell you that if I didn't feel challenged, I would be bored.

With all that said, plans are coming along slowly.....too slowly for my taste, but coming along nonetheless. Did I think I would have everything planned 2 months before my wedding....I did. Did I have two Bridezilla moments of panic, anxiety, and crying because things weren't moving up to the standard I expected.....I did. Did I realize that none of this wedding stuff really matters except the part where I am marrying the most wonderful man at the right place and the right time in the temple by the proper authority....I did. And did I decide after all this that I would still have a party on my wedding day.... I DID and I AM!!!

So, here are some things to look forward to.

Our Cake: courtesy of the best cake maker ever, Sarah Bennett. BTW: Since she has offered to make this cake, she has been bringing me other delicious treats to taste test for her. Good thing I only eat sugar on Sundays. This woman is phenomenal, and I am so blessed to have such a talented person make this cake for us.

Our Colors: This didn't prove to be as difficult as I thought. I always thought I would have yellow to match my sunshiney personality. BUT once we chose our venue, it was only "natural" that we would want something a little more "natural." Most of you know that we are having our ring ceremony and reception in an atrium. Already a beautiful indoor garden, we stuck with the colors green and cream with black highlights. I am so excited about these will help us welcome in the Spring....our favorite season.

There are so many amazing Green things out there, we weren't sure what to choose. I finally got together with some good friends (which I named my Conceptual Design Team) to help me hone in on the wedding ideas I have. With their help, I was able to come up with what to go for. I am still not sure how it is all going to turn out, but I know it is in good hands. Thanks to Kirby, Diana, Melissa, Natalie, and Melinda, this is going to be one amazingly decorated party.

Our Little Garden: Both Adam and I love to be outside. While we haven't been able to be outside together as often as we hoped, I love to pot and flower plants. Adam often buys me potted plants, some of which I have replanted in my little garden I started at my town house. I love to pretend I have a green thumb, even though my orchids would say differently. With that in mind, the inspiration for the wedding comes from this picture.

The Ring: Some of you have asked about the ring. Whenever I tell anyone about it, I am reminded of a Hallmark Movie. It begins as follows: My parents inherited some furniture from my Great Grandma Kingston (my mother's grandma). While going through the drawers, they found this amazing diamond engagement ring. Now, they aren't sure if it belonged to her or my Grandma, but in any case, it is an heirloom, and I am proud to wear it.