Friday, December 19, 2008

Advertising according to my 9-year old brother

I can't help it anymore...I just have to say, kids ROCK! Today we were driving from the grocery store and I heard a really dumb ad. I said to myself but really out loud, "That is the dumbest ad I have ever heard." Bryan and his friend Ethan started talking about what makes a good ad and what makes a bad ad.

B: I hate when I hear those dumb ads saying that their stores are better than everyone elses. I mean, duh. Why don't you just talk about the best things you have to sell. But when you say you are better than Wal-Mart or Target just by saying you are the best, that is stupid.

E: Yeah, I think that stores that say that because their store is bigger that they have better than the best bargain, that they really don't.

B: Yeah, I wouldn't shop there anyway. That only works if it is a hospital or something....where they say they are the best, then maybe I would believe them, but not stores...just hospitals and stuff.

Then a JCPenny commercial came on and Ethan said: Oh, now this a good ad. See they are not saying they are the best, but really they are. I love JCPenny.

I learned more from these 9 year old's than I probably could have in any business class :)

I have listed some of my favorite phrases that Bryan said that I want to remember.
  • We were eating at a very fancy restaurant and my dad ordered a soup he has never tried before. He offered some to Bryan and upon tasting it, he scrunched his nose and said, "That tastes worse than barf on a hot day."

  • We were driving around in the car and I made him converse with me without being so silly. He started talking about this animal he saw doing some pretty weird stuff and said, "Yeah, it was stupid and weird...swoop-id." Just put the two words Brangelina. According to Bryan, it pretty much works with any word.

  • My mom told me this one and I just love it so much. My parents went through the drive thru at McD's and Bryan ordered a Dr. Pepper. Upon tasting it he said, "This doesn't taste like Dr. Pepper." My dad then said, "Here let me taste it. I'll tell you if it is Dr. Pepper." Bryan said, "What you can taste stuff, but you can't hear!" My dad said, "What?"


Laurel Leaves said...

ROFL! That is good stuff!

Tara Bergsjo said...

That is way to funny! Sounds like he is going to be just as smart as the rest of your family!! Love you all so much!!

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Laurel Leaves: Yeah. I hired them to help me come up with ads for my new biz!

Tara: He is already smarter than I am. It is a little creepy actually. I always have to ask him how to use the TV and remote and stuff. Loves to you and your fam! I need to come up.

Rustin & Kelsi said...

That was HILARIOUS!! Thanks for sharing :) Happy New Year!