Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Canvas of my life

I have never not believed in God. As long as I can remember, I can say that I have always felt Him in my life. There have been times where it has been a struggle to feel His presence. Not because He is not there, but because I have strayed away. It is always when I recognize that I need to be closer to Him that I find Him in almost everything around me.

Sometimes I get down, overwhelmed...feel a sense of inadequacy.

And then He sends me a sunset. Last night as I left my parents house to get out for a while, it was raining. In the distance, the sun peeked through the rain clouds, sending rays that gleamed with pinks, oranges and dark blues. I started to cry. It could have been for no reason until I realized that was one way God showed me He remembered me.

I began listening to a song. The song talked of love and wanting to be with someone just to serve them. Not as a slave, but serving because it is by serving that we feel the most love for someone. The song spoke of comfort in a trying world where true love is hard to find. Then I realized, God sends me music.

I was able to attend two sacrament meetings last Sunday in San Diego, where each meeting was set to Christmas music, celebrating and commemorating the life of Jesus Christ. How wonderful it was for me to hear, "Gloria-blessed is the name of the most high God." The words touched my heart as I heard of this magnificent birth of Him whose life I am deeply grateful and forever in debt.

And then God gives me family. What an honor it is to be in a family that rallies around happiness. Though our feet may be tied for a brief moment, my family presses on laughing all the way. No matter what I do or say, as prodigal as I could family always loves. They are peace on this earth, my saving grace.

As I reflect God's artistic canvas of my life, I recognize life's miracles that surround me everyday. I finally begin to understand the mysteries of life and see Him in every aspect.

Glory to God on high. Glory to Jesus the Christ.

What a wonderful time of year.

He gives me reflection and allows me to express gratitude.



What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Shells Bells: Just trying to keep up with you my sweet ;)

The Regimballe Family said...

you have such a great attitude lindsey! i love reading your blog!

Globe Trecker said...

Beautiful. You're a great writer.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Merri: Oh you!! You are too much. Thanks sister.

John and Angela: Aw...I'm blushing. Tell that writing jazz to the peeps I am interviewing with ;)