Friday, June 28, 2013

Happiness Project and Blog

I am currently reading a book called The Happiness Project. I was given this recommendation last year when I felt stagnant, and felt like I was whining about the same things every single day. I think what struck me the most about this book was the honesty of the author, Gretchen Rubin. She said that she didn't write the book because she was super depressed, but that she felt like she could obtain a deeper happiness in the already 'happy' life she was living, call it a journey to joy...or whatever. 

I admire her for taking into account that others may be extremely struggling to find happiness, where some of us are moderately struggling. And so now, I am taking in the thoughts of someone else's happiness project, and will be excited to start mine after I complete the book. I could do it prior, but I want to relish in the book before I go hog wild. Something about me - I am a go-getter. Those who know me well are probably saying sarcastically, "No way, YOU?" I'm afraid that I could tackle this project without too much research or thought, and so, I must study it out in my mind before I do it. I have already started changing some of the things I do that could contribute to my happiness project, like digging out old journals, finishing projects laying around the house, etc., but the full blown project has not yet begun. I need to figure out other things that contribute happiness, and in particular my happiness before I act. My rule: If I jump before I get to the diving block, I will just land on the pool deck.

Regardless, I am super enamored with the future idea of starting my own Happiness Project, and can't wait to get started. In the meantime, might I suggest a little taste in what I am reading? Here is Gretchen's blog.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You Thought I Was Done Posting About Our Wedding...Didn't You?

I am not quite finished posting about our wedding day. Want a glance?

Plug for Shutterfly photo books. Super excited to get mine in the mail!