Friday, March 23, 2012

Date Auction

The single's congregation is up to it again...and hats off to them! The Langley Social Club, another non-confrontational name for the Langley Dating Committee, will be hosting a date auction tomorrow!

I am truly and legitimately excited, and love the idea of an anonymous date auction. Here is how it works:

The date (which is submitted by the one who want to go on the date), whether individual or group, will be awarded to one bidder of the opposite sex with the highest bid. For group dates, it is up to the potential dater and the winning bidder to then choose the other participants on the date.

Rules for Auctioners
  • The dater will be responsible to pay for the date and all participants unless stated otherwise or have already planned to split the costs with a friend. If the dater would like to change the original date idea, they can let the Langley Social Club know before the auction.
  • The dater is responsible for coordinating with the bidder the details of the date, including when, where, who's driving, etc.
The Langley Social Club also included these couple caveats:
  • Please contact the bidder in a timely manner and be considerate and cooperative
  • Have fun and have an open mind
  • Be willing to get to know someone even if you think you already know them
  • The Church does not reimburse anyone for dates
My Excitement
As you know from previous blog posts, I love attending and participating in new date ideas. For the date auction, I submitted 5 date ideas of things I have wanted to do around DC but didn't want to do by myself. I can't tell you my date ideas yet, because they are supposed to be anonymous....but I can tell you that they are AWESOME! 5 seemed like a good number.

My Beef
Once again, I was surprised by the response I received from the Langley Social Club. If you recall, a couple months ago, I signed up for an 8-person group date and was told the day prior that I was chosen to no longer participate because there weren't enough men (they were 1 short-lol). That was no biggy. I get it. But then I got this email after submitting my date auction ideas:

Hi Lindsey,

Thanks for all of your submissions. We would love to auction off all of your ideas, but in order to give the auction some variety, we will not be taking date idea #3. We have already had a few other people submit the date to go X, so if you would like to submit another date in place of this one, please let us know.

Thanks again for your participation in the auction!

Seriously!!! I wanted to respond and say this:

I think depriving me of date #3, just because it is a popular idea, is crap.....just like I was deprived of the group date one month ago.....

Too many unknown provisions to this dating auction.....

I am only half serious.

But I probably won't. Sigh, the other date ideas are great too.....I guess I will have to do date #3 on my own, sans the dating auction.