Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mormons Also Don't Brush Their Hair

I love my job! Not kidding....LOVE IT! I work with some stellar men and women who understand my fascination with trying to make things better, and making sure everyone is happy. 

Yesterday, I took a quiet lunch and thoroughly enjoyed my Lebanese leftovers from the nice dinner my dad took me to the night before. I knew that I would have to refresh after my garlic-infested, yet amazingly delicious, meal. So, I chewed gum, ate mints, and did whatever I could to make sure I didn't wreak because I had a 4-hour meeting with my team.

During one of our breaks, I made one of my teammates sniff around and near me to make sure he couldn't smell me. I recognized that my request could have come across odd, but because I work at a cool job with super cool people, he obliged. He also knows that I hate making people feel uncomfortable...and would have eaten a jar of peanut butter if it meant that I could stop smelling so much like garlic. I must state again...I love the people I work with.

After conducting a rather extreme smelling test, he said, "No, have nothing to worry about....but seriously, I didn't know that Mormons couldn't brush their teeth!" To which I jokingly responded, "Yes, the holy writ says we shouldn't." Little does he know that Mormons also don't brush their hair.