Friday, November 30, 2012

I am inspired

Some of you know that I have been super into buying dance movies lately. It all started last year when I lived with one of my coolest roommates, Jen. Prior to our becoming roomies, we had "Step Up" marathon. Sure, my dancing history has mostly been making my way across one end of the gym to the other during Stake Dances, but I have always had the desire to do just a little more. I started to take classes from my cuz back in the day and lost balance once trying to breakdance...and haven't really pursued my dream. Perhaps I need to start with a little something like this. 
  And maybe one day, you will see Adam and I on the dance floor doing a little something like this. I wonder if we have time to learn this before the wedding....perhaps we can put on a show.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Caught on Camera

I am so grateful....

You are right, the world is a much better place than I lead on sometimes.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Less than perfect

I have never been one to struggle with the need to be perfect. Things for me don't have to be is unrealistic. I do struggle with high expectations. I don't know why I have them, they exist inside me and control my very fiber. One thing about this that I detest is being disappointed. With this disappointment comes resentment, overreaction, and let's face it....DRAMA. One thing I know is that this is a story. A piece of made up fiction. No one tells me who I am except God and myself. And generally, God tells me amazing things about me. I have a tendency to tell myself lies. Today the lie is: I am not good enough for this job. I keep messing up. I screwed up the trust I have with my employer. This can't be remedied. I should just quit, or leave before I mess up again. 

Fact is...I am creating this deep dark energy myself. And even though I recognize it, it takes me a while to step out of it. One thing the closest people in my life know is that I am super hard on myself. Yes, I know. And I blame this on is a no win situation when I am in it. It takes a couple days for me to get out of it and recognize that I am here to make mistakes. It takes me a while to know that I am capable of great things and with great things sometimes comes great responsibility and sometimes great mistakes...this is what learning is all about. It take me a while to understand that making mistakes is part of being human, and as some of us know humans are not perfect. The only perfect person is Jesus Christ, and I am not Him. But I am trying to be like him. 

In the meantime, I will struggle to snap out of this funk. I will not quit my job. I will listen to the advice of my employer for what to do in the future, and not get defensive about my mistake. I need to own it. Making mistakes is not wrong, it is how I grow.

I am just trying to learn how to snap out of this feeling faster.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Favorite Election FB posts: Proud to be an American

Here are some of my favorite Facebook status posts, of which I heartily agree:
This election has been historic and frankly, so overwhelming in coverage, reports, posts and tweets. It's been interesting to see how divided people are in their thinking about both Mitt Romney and President Obama. I believe these are good men, with the best intentions for America. Although the vote didn't swing my way, I'm optimistic about and supportive of President Obama. I heard a lot of great things from him that I hope come to fruition. It's going to be an exciting 4 years. In reflecting on what I've learned, I would say my greatest take away is to "pay attention" to the decisions being made moving forward. So as to empower my understanding in the future and hopefully eliminate, in large part, the 'scare tactics' I felt where abundant in this election. - Matt Buttle
I see many comments about today being a terrible day for America. I disagree. Today, as Americans we exercised our right to vote. We did not worry for our safety on the trip to or from the polls and a peaceful transition of government will ensue in January. Today was a great day for anyone who exercised their right to vote. The simple fact that we had the opportunity to use our agency and make a choice today is something that we should be grateful for. It is wonderful. - Nathan Maynes
Regardless of who wins today & regardless of your political beliefs, tomorrow we will wake up & be the same people we were today. We will still focus on being good fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, & fellow citizens because that is what makes this country great. - a post from Nathan King
AMEN to you all. What a great race! What a great country! I am proud to be an American!