Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm sorry, but...

Doesn't it seem like when someone is apologizing that it should be just that...an apology? It seems that if the apology is TRULY genuine that someone will just say "I'm sorry." Even if the reason why they were late was due to circumstances beyond their control, apology with REASON really isn't an apology, right? Apologies are frequently followed up by reasons, which by today's standards, have become excuses. "Honey, I am sorry that I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, but I...," "I'm sorry I am late, but I got a flat tire." While the circumstances may not have been avoidable, the point is that an apology wants for no excuse. It should be what it is. An apology.

Onto a whole other point completely, I can't help but think of what crosses my mind every time I get excited about an assignment. That's right....I just get so excited that I give up other things in my life. Some people think this is abnormal of me...that I would rather study and do an assignment rather than go on a trip. Tripping is fun and exciting that is for sure! I am not at all diminishing the validity and funness of a great trip (I just made funness a word). No, no...I am just merely pointing out that I take a lot of pleasure in collecting data surrounding the implications and changes of educational policy.

As a matter of controversy, sometimes I just CAN'T help but think, "I'm sorry I want to go out with you, but I would rather be studying" ;)