Monday, March 30, 2009

Rachael YamaGREATa

One of the opening bands said she might as well be called Rachael Yamagreata...and as cheesy at it was...that made me laugh so hard!

Seriously, Rachael Yamagata's performance Saturday night left me in awe and begging for more. My first time seeing her with the Hotel Cafe tour, I could have left before the encore and been perfectly content. As you may recall, I wasn't very impressed with it...but this time...I was stunned back into place.

The bands came in from Denver, and ran a little behind...but it gave me the opportunity to get to know my I was cool with the 'lateness' factor. The stage was awesome. Decorated in silk flowers, some that lit up and some that were display only...I couldn't help but already have a sense for how the concert was going to be. I laughed a little thinking about the bands she was touring with and if they really cared that the decor was all very girly.

Though the first band couldn't make it, Spencer from (insert band name here *I forgot) played some of his fave tunes. His style was a mix of Jack Johnson and John Mayer. He couldn't rock all the way without his band, but I felt his enthusiasm.

The second opening band - or rather dude (s), totally wowed me! In fact, the first song hit me so hard that I teared up! I know I have already confessed that I am a Weeper, but it struck a chord with me...(no pun intended-he was playing the piano). Greg Laswell-will you marry me? His deep vocals sent me into shock....but even more when he hit those high notes. I almost forgot about my date ;) and almost ran onto the stage to hold Greg in my arms, at which point, I am sure I would have said, "Baby, just dedicate this next song to me...and I will be fine." Greg joked around that he had a dream once that his grandma came to him and said that he needs to start writing happy songs. So, in attempting to follow those words of wisdom, he wrote a song about the visitation, which started off being happy, but all in all with some minor chords mixed in with some melancholy timing...ended up being quite sad. In between his songs he thanked Rachael for letting him bring his silk flowers to adorn the stage. He was so cute....and I got to meet him!! I felt like a giddy school girl trying to play it cool, but totally coming off weird. Here is one of my fave tunes:

Then Rachael came on. She was so cute in her black dress and totally rocked! She began with a song that we all knew "Be Be Your Love." We cheered and cheered and wanted more. When she switched from the piano to the guitar...she rocked it! Her band was pretty remarkable. I was totally impressed with their onstage presence. So much more than the last time I saw her. Mid-concert, she switched it back to the band that was finally able to show up...Spencer's Band...Wiggly something, or Aqua something...I really just don't remember. There was some banter back and forth...and then Spencer rocked it with the girl bass chick, and wirey-little drummer. Then Rachael came back on and rocked her little heart out. I wanted my date to like her so much...just like me, so I kept making sure he had expression, which he didn't...but after a while, I kind of forgot that I wasn't by myself. My poor date.

When Rachael came back on for the encore, she did two songs, and the crowd went crazy! She started her last song and invited people on to the stage to perform with her. She got two teenage girls who rocked the harmony. With a couple of encouraging expletives...they went through the whole song, repeating the chorus a couple times. She seemed quite impressed. Very was awesome!

Here is one music video from her:

Um, highly recommended. Look them up.

Rachael Yamagata
Greg Laswell

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cow parade

So, Lindsey, what did you do over Spring Break?

I went to the Cow Parade in San Diego.

The what?

The cow parade. I am sure you are thinking, but you live in Utah...can't you see all the cows you want? Well, it is not what you think.

Each year, artists from all over San Diego paint these cows that are made out of some kind of material, I want to say fiber-glass- or laminate, or so
mething. After the artists have painted the cows, they stash them all over the city of La Jolla and provide you with a map, where hoof prints indicate where to find the next cow.

Mom and I spent a
ll afternoon looking for these cows. We only missed one section...but all in all...I hope I can attend the Cow Parade every year.

We also stopped and shopped while searching for these cows...and when the store owners or workers asked us what we were doing, we told them that we were there for the cow parade. Most of them looked at us like we were crazy, and we would have to prove that their city of La Jolla actually had these cows on every block. It was pretty funny considering the cow parade has been going on for years...! I also learned that at the end of the two months that they are on display, the cows are then auctioned off and all proceeds go toward the local hospital.

La Jolla wasn't the only place we visited, but most certainly the favorite. While in San Diego, I also had a chance to go to Mission Beach and ride bikes around the marina with my mom, Bryan and his friend, Ethan. It was fun to ride to the nearest yogurt shop where instead of charging one flat rate, they charge you per weight of your ice cream...and you can mix in whatever you want.

I also just had to go to the beach. That is all I really wanted to do was sit and soak it in! So, even though 'beach day' was the foggiest day during my visit, I refused to let that get me down....I was matter what! So I did.....even when people were staring at me wondering what a girl in a swim suit was doing in the 40 degree weather trying to get a tan. I did it! And for the brief 10 seconds that the sun hit my skin...I was happy!

It was good to go home for a while and hang with the fam. Here are a couple highlights:
  • Going to LA to visit April and meet her beau. Apparently, people in LA or everywhere, celebrate St. Patrick's Day 3 days in advance. I had no idea. is always wise to carry gum with matter what the occasion.
  • Attending institute class with my mom. I had no idea that people could spend 1 hour on 6 versus of scripture...and hold my attention the entire time. It was very edge-of-my-seat.
  • Going to the swap meet in Springville. Probably the best experience...what is it with me and going through other people's stuff? Seriously, I am fascinated by stuff! My dad and brother couldn't stand the fact that my mom and I stopped at every tent. Boys, if you don't want to stop at every cutsie or cool-looking thing....don't come! ;) I believe my dad's exact words were, "A Swap Meet is something that should take only a half an hour to go through...and these girls spend 4 hours there!"
  • Keeping Bryan up late way past his bed-time. Don't tell dad...but let's watch one more episode....
  • Being lined up...enough said.
  • Pinewood derby races.
  • Bead-making with my mom.
  • Going to Carlsbad to look at the flowers and going through the outlet malls instead.
  • Eating sushi. I think I had sushi three times in one week. The freshest fish migrate to Cali, just in case you didn't know.
  • Driving 12 hours to and from with the greatest road trip mixes ever and trying not to get caught talking on my phone while driving through Cali.
  • Taking Bryan and Ethan out on sister date night. We went to see Race to Witch Mountain. A highly recommended movie. I loved it!
  • Making my parents take me to the beach. We went to the base...where there were only 20 people on the beach due to over-foggyness. Bryan immediately began playing in the water. My dad was sure my mom was going to be arrested by the MP's should she get caught trying to change her top. Dad and Mom sat in their chairs with sweatshirts and towels wrapped around them to stay warm. I refused to let a foggy day ruin my second day of getting a tan. I found a sand dollar. Bryan drank more ocean than any 10 year old should. As soon as we packed up...the sun came out.
  • Going to the temple...Mom almost getting caught changing in the parking lot.
  • Losing Bryan's ball in the ovegrown weedage of our backyard...even after he told me not to lose it. Sorry Bry.
  • Sunday dinner!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Eternity's a Long Time-apparently

Just in case you didn't know, eternity is a long time....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Law library

Maybe one of the most best kept secrets of our time...the U law library, formally known as the S.J. Quinney Law Library.

Probably the quietest place I have ever been, I can't help but feel guilty for disturbing really smart people by typing or turning pages. It's true...but you know suits me. Although I am particularly fond of the new revamped University of Utah library with its huge windows and open spaces, I guess I am starting to grow a little fond of this place.

The law library is just what you might imagine it to be...full of books, actual law students who are determined to make a difference in the world...and very studious-looking desks with lights in the middle of the table! Ah yes...that is right.

So...little do you know that not only do I love the ambiance of this naturally-lit, books-stacked-to-the-ceiling kind of place...but it actually makes me feel smart! Smart, spelled S-M-A-R-T, not the way that Homer spelled it on the Simpson...with the song that went:

I am so Smart

I get to sit and do my homework a little more productively than I would have thought. It has been 2 hours, and I wrote up an entire data collection plan....CRAZY! I thought that it would have taken me all day. Who knew that a near-creepy silence of a library could do that??

Although I am jamming to my fave Concerto in C Minor written by Bach, and researching regulations for elections from all 50 states using the state annotations found here in the library, I can't help but wonder what would happen if I switched over to a little John Mayer or ACDC....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Locker Rooms

This year for our service auction, I provided the service of free swim lessons...and not just to see how many people really wanted to see me in a swim suit. My good friend Steve ended up purchasing my lessons for a pretty handsome price. It made me feel wanted to see these auctioneers duking it out for my rad/boss expertise in the water. WOAH...step down off your high horse Lindsey...sheesh.

There are so many things I love about swimming. The feel of the water rushing by me, not shaving, floating, aerodynamics... sometimes, I even like getting water up my nose, just cause that tingling sensation is so indescribable, weird and yet fun.

It takes me back to a time where I swam laps in the 50 yard city pool where stinkbugs lined the walls. That was the last time I tried to save one of those from drowning.

I remember hoping that the thunder and lightning storms would come close enough for us to have to get out. I remember racing to keep up with Laura, Caryn and Sarah. Sometimes my allergies were out of control when the city would cut the grass. I remember wishing beyond words for the invention sinus help me breath and itch the unitchable. I also remember the locker rooms/changing area.

One day I was late for pictures and I probably could have won an award for the fastest changer in the West since I changed in the knick of time for my senior swim team picture. I left all of my things sprawled out on the floor of the changing area, ran to get pictures, came back only to realize my things had been stolen...and I got in trouble for not being responsible.

There are so many things I could reminisce about. However, today I wish to center my focus on the locker room. Today, of all days...for some reason, I realized how much the locker room leaves little room for modesty. I know, I mean, I have been swimming all my life and using various locker rooms after swim practices, during regional and state meets...but for some reason, this just occured to me today.

Utah State had an awesome locker room. Filled with individual changing rooms and curtains on the showers! I loved going swimming at the HPER at Utah State! At the University of Utah, where I swim now, in order to get to where the lockers are from the pool, you have to weed through unprotected showers *GASP. I know, I know....who needs curtains? Well....I DO! I just got so used to showering in private...that now I am cursed to never walk around in the nude in the locker room ever.

Maybe not necessarily bad thing, but I never realized how much I have been impacted by great locker room practice. None of my swim mates stripped down to their nudies and walked around with a towel over their head. Maybe it is a sign of liberty or not caring what others think, but for some reason, I don't think I could do it.

I also realized that I am not as quick as I used to be. My dad used to praise the fact that I could change in the back seat of the car faster than you could say "fliberdijibbet," without being seen or aware that the change was happening. takes all my energy just to keep myself modest in the locker room.

Not because I don't have the best bod...cause let's be honest ;) Not that I would feel uncomfortable...cause I probably wouldn't. But mostly for the sake of modesty.

Hmm....funny how that works.