Friday, October 24, 2008

Letters from my missionary and travel size lotion

Ah, missionary...Elder Blau! What a rockin babe! I never thought he would write home as much. Seriously, it is so cool to see what he is doing and read all about his adventures with the African people. His personality is so cute. He wrote home all these words and what they mean. He thinks the language difference is pretty cool. I think my favorite word is poofy: which means fart. HAH! That is totally our family humor....anyway, he is doing great in the mission field and just sent us a whole bunch of pictures. He is goofing off in pretty much every one of them...which is so him and he better not change. Anyway, I think he is getting to the point where he realizes that not everyone is ready to hear about the gospel. It is hard to know what to say to him. How much encouragement is too know? Anyway, I know that he is striving to do what is right. Never has it really hit me that when I pray or when people pray for the missionaries of the church that they are talking about all these incredible men in my life. It resonates so much more with me know that I have a missionary out in the field. Horrah for Israel, Elder!

Besides hearing from my cute missionary, I am going out of town for a week and a half to GREECE!! I know, I know....crazy! I have been planning this trip since May and haven't really told very many people...because I feel like I am bragging...well, not anymore....I am driven by pure excitement! I leave tomorrow at 10 in the morning with my BFF Stephanie. Am I packed? Well, my swim suit is! That is always the first thing I pack....

My question is: do they have travel size sunscreen? I am going shopping for all the little extras this evening and need to pick up all the travel size bottles and what not because I am not checking luggage. Does anyone know who might carry travel size...and why in the world businesses have not caught on to the 3 oz rule? Seriously. Come on Coppertone Babies SPF 30, get the picture already!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Eyebrow maintenance

On lunch time!

I remember when I first moved to SLC after I graduated from Utah State, I went to a Valentine's Day dance. People from all over SLC and Provo went down south, dressed up all fancy schmancy and met up to celebrate being single on Valentine's Day aka Single's Awareness Day. I remember talking to one gentleman, let's call him Bernard, who talked to me for at least 45 minutes. We totally hit it off and danced a good 15 times. Well, by the end of the night, Bernard scored my number and ended up calling me to ask me out for the next Thursday evening. I was ecstatic.

Bernard was fantastic. He was so intriguing to me and I loved listening to him tell me stories of all these place he had gone. We talked on the phone for hours even before he came up to Salt Lake to take me out. Well, Thursday came around and he took me to a Thai restaurant. The conversation was great. He chatted and chatted, and I would interject with, "No way," "You are kidding," "Oh, that is awesome." I would ask questions and truly engaged myself in what he was saying. Bernard was non-stop talk....and I loved it, because I remember how sometimes I was (am) non-stop talk, so it was good to be on the listening end ;) At the end of the date, we went back to my place and people came over to watch our show at the time, Alias. I always had Alias parties and I informed my date that we were having one, just in random conversation, and he said he loved that show, so we included that as part of the date.

After all was said and done, my friends came over, we watched the show and talked for hours afterward. We laughed and laughed and had a great time. Bernard seemed to get along swimmingly with the rest of the crowd and really looked like he was having a good time. He had to leave early, so I said goodbye, letting him know I had a good time and would like to get together again. He shared the same sentiment and left smiling.

So, what does this have to do with eyebrows...oh, allow me to continue. So, being the girly girl that I am, I waited to hear from Bernard...and mid-way through the next week thought..."Oh dear, he doesn't like me. He hasn't called. What happened? It was a fantastic date....what's the deal?" You know, girly stuff like that.

After two weeks, I had HAD it. Being brave...and sometimes outspokenly stupid, I emailed him. I forgot to mention that we emailed back and forth as well as chatted on the phone prior to the date. So, I emailed him something flirty and asking him to rate the date. That's right...rate the date. I just thought it would be a fun way we could flirt.

Well, apparently, I opened a can. Bernard wrote me a 6-page letter on the date. There were many things complimented, including how I looked, my demeanor, spirit, intellect, etc. I smiled whilst I read the detail. Then he got to the other stuff like how he really didn't know anything about me because I did not confide in him, not to mention the fact that the conversation with my friends reminded him of a high school English class or a hair salon. I was shocked. I had the exact opposite experience, but hey, I asked him to rate the date, so I kept reading. The very last line of his email was: "Besides those other things, I really had an enjoyable time. My sister's would kill me if they knew I was going to say this, but I think you would be more attractive if only you would trim your eyebrows a little better. They were a little out of control."

That's right...eyebrows! I kept the email and have it on file as one of the most ridiculously funny things I have ever had written to me or about me in my life. I chuckle at this whole incident....I am sure you are wondering whatever happened to Bernard, but that is not the point. The point is eyebrows, of which I have a bush full.

As a matter of fact, I have maintained my eyebrows since my freshman year of college, and have since started going to get my eyebrows done by professionals, who know a lot more about them than I do. I never would have thought to get them done, until one day, I looked in the mirror and you couldn't tell if that patch of black was really part of my hair, or if it was an eyebrow extension. So, sometimes when we have time to spare on our trips, Rachel (my boss) and I go to the salon and I get my eyebrows waxed and she gets her nails done.

Rachel had a wax party at her house the other day, where I also had a chance to learn all about my eyebrows. Well, apparently, the last person who waxed my eyebrows decided to take more off than is generally recommended. I didn't know this, but if you hold a pencil to your nose and follow it up the line of your face, your eyebrows should begin where the pencil lands. I know that doesn't make sense, but hold the pencil next to your nose in a straight line. Allow your nostril to hit the edge of the pencil. Hold it vertical. See your eyebrows? Yeah, your eyebrows should begin where the pencil is hitting near your brow bone. Make sense yet? Well, if it doesn't, I apologize...

I just want to warn everyone, I am very aware of my eyebrows right now because I have been asked by my eyebrowist to grow them out so she can shape them the true way that will make my eyes POP a little more. I can't help but feel like a bush...not only that, but it takes me back to a time in my life where eyebrows really kept me from having a relationship ;) ha ha...totally kidding, but REALLY, how much brow is too much brow?

I am leaving on vacation in a week and I wonder if I should just shoddily maintain the brows I do have, just for the time being...instead of looking like I have never maintained them at all. Sure, I know you are all thinking this is ridiculous and why should it matter what people think....well, APPARENTLY it matters a lot ;) Ha ha.

I love my brows and apologize to anyone who thinks that I may not maintain them to their standard. I will probably still have the uni-brow waxed just for my own satisfaction...but other then that, I plan on keeping these brows...bulky and all!

So, if you are wondering if Bernard's comment got to I really need to defend myself, really against this accusation and how I responded to it? Nah.

The point is: I am who I am...bushy eyebrows and all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Etiquette Reminders

I am in one of those moods where I am VERY aware of things that bug or annoy! Sure, I choose to react this way...I could blame it on the fact I have not had enough sleep, or that woman thing, or the demands of job, dating, social, family, life....but I won't. I won't blame it on anyone but myself...I am choosing to look at things that bug! I will also switch from using the word 'people' to 'you,' something of which is a grammar faux pas...but for the purpose of this blog, forget grammar. I am very aware I am writing it this way.

1. Airport Bus Etiquette 101: When traveling on the airport bus, people should put all their luggage in the proper stalls, then find a place to sit (if there is a place). People should not stand blocking the place for luggage, especially if there are other places on the bus that they could be standing. That way, when some of us come on lugging all our exposition equipment - that needs to be checked, is falling of our arms and heavier than two toddlers - we have a place to store what is so obviously wearing us down. Some may not notice the shortness of breath and/or heavy breathing from lugging all that stuff from the car. Why take that much stuff in the first place....well, that is another story, but there are certainly circumstances that have made it this way for some people. Why place blame? The fact is, move over people and have the courtesy also to give up your seat for elderly people!!

2. Pedestrian Crossing 101: When waiting for a pedestrian to cross in the cross walk, it is only polite...and also very safe, to actually wait until the pedestrian is ALL the way across the street. The pedestrian really isn't trying to make you late to work...or purposly taking their merry time to cross. This rule especially applies to when children are crossing the street with a volunteer crossing guard. The stop sign should be enough signal to really STOP for those crossing the street. People should not try to a. beat the pedestrians thinking, "Oh, they are taking their time, I can make it" b. Notice that really the pedestrians are far enough away that they really could make the turn without hitting them....Heaven forbid if the pedestrians lose their shoe and have to go back for it c. Think they are just way too good for the stop sign. Sorry people...doesn't work.

3. Texting etiquette 101: I hate it....enough said. If a person has an important! It prevents miscommunication and is OH so very personal :) I'm sure the person on the receiving end loves hearing your voice anyway. Also, people should not text while driving. I am guilty sure, and have since repented,...but let's really think about this one! There was a 16 year old girl who was killed last year because someone was texting while driving. There is now a whole campaign dedicated to creating awareness that texting while driving is not safe.

4. Teflon etiquette 101: When using a teflon pot or pan, remember not to use metal objects to cut, stir or poke the ingredients that are being cooked. It scratches the teflon and I am sure there is some kind of safety risk in eating teflon chips in food. I will get back to you on that one.

5. Birthday Calls 101: It is always OK to call and wish someone Happy Birthday, even if you happened to miss it! The fact you remembered it was even in the same month, is still an amazing feet...and sometimes people like to celebrate their birthdays all month long. The truth is, people like being remembered!

6. Child Airplane Etiquette: When traveling with a small child on an airplane, do not hush them for asking you questions in a loud voice. Let them be excited to be on an airplane. Other passengers on the airplane should also remember that children will be children. If you have a hard time falling asleep because of a crying baby, let that be a lesson to you that next time you should bring earplugs. Don't hate the parents or the crying baby. You never know if babies are teething, have ear infections or hate the airplane's loud noise. Passengers should be patient!

7. Dating Etiquette 101: When going out on a date, it is appropriate to call a person at least one-day in advance to follow-up about what time you are picking your date up, and maybe some helpful hints on what dress would be appropriate. Will the date be outside? Well, that would require a sweater (if it is cold outside). Will the date be eating some exotic food? Well, that may require some medicine to prevent tummy-fate. Will the date begin at 6:30? Well, that would mean that all of the after-work errands need to be completed in order to have enough time to get ready...etc, etc. Will the date be a movie? Well, that would require that I wear shoes, not flip-flops, because my feet sweat during movies. You get the point.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Political dreams

I never really considered myself to be a follower of politics. This past year it has been a little different. I haven't been as involved as a lot of people, but I am aware of the candidates and where they stand on different issues...when their stand doesn't change. But, I never thought it could get like this....

A couple weeks ago I had a very vivid dream that I was in Logan, Utah for some kind of a rally. In fact, the rally took place at the Logan Fairgrounds, where they have their demolition derbies. I know this place very well, so the dream was very clear. In the middle of the arena was a stage with posters banners and little American flags everywhere.

The next thing I know, I am sitting next to Obama having an intimate conversation. The conversation was how he was excited to be there and also about what our plans were for the night. We held hands and gazed into one another's eyes. All the while, I was checking to see if his wife was around...because as the dream alluded, we were romantically intimate and we didn't want to get caught. Well, the stands filled and we kissed right before he went on stage to give another speech.

I was chatting with my roomie last night and she said that she had a very vivid dream that she had carried McCain's illigitamate child, who was 6 years old and named Stella. She distinctly remembers being on a tour bus with Stella and was pretty chummy with her best friend Mrs. McCain.

Needless to say in the middle of the night, we both woke up from our dreams and laughed....pretty hard.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Twitter-nation I have been following this twitter deal since there was a huge story on the guy who was kidnapped and used twitter to send out his location and get help! Seriously...twitter is a way people who are connected ALL THE TIME, can tell other people what is going on in their day either by sending a text or emailing.

Some famous people like John Mayer and (I noticed) all the up and coming artists are taking to this new form of social media. It is pretty remarkable for me to see the kind of interest twitter accounts are generating.

I don't know if I want to be connected ALL the time...but it is so fun to see people who are...including my boss, Rachel. I think one of my favorite things is now I know what she is doing outside of the office. I always knew she was busy before, but now I know with what. Call it a stalker-type of thing, but I have to check her twitter at least once an hour. Not only for me to be informed of her day, but also to get my daily kicks. I think my favorite twitter-post she had today was: Monday: 1 Rachel: 0.

Maybe I guffawed ridiculously loud.

Check out what others have said about Twitter:

New York Times: How Twitter Can Help at Work

Friday, October 3, 2008

Spare house for my crap

It has been decided. I need a spare house for all the crap I keep. That’s right, crap….unneeded, unnecessary items that I hold onto for sentimental value. Perhaps I don’t need a room, so much as I just need to part with some of these ridiculous, yet absolutely AWESOME ‘things’ in my life. I believe it was Thoreau who wrote, “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.” And even though it still boggles my mind that he says “Simplify” three times, I still feel that he has a point.

I am a collector of everything. From tickets that I get at movie theaters, to dolls, to lotion bottles, I hang onto everything. What’s up with that?

I am taking a class right now where we are discussing finances. As part of this financial discussion, we talked about not only having a well-balanced financial situation, but also having an adequate food storage…for those unknown emergencies, tornados, floods, hurricanes, economic crash, stores not being able to carry stuff because the farmers go on strike, not being able to withdraw cash for food, etc.

I was helping my friend Elyse move and while I helped her pack boxes, I found cans and cans of tomato cans, potato sacks, water, etc underneath her bed. At first I just laughed at the thought that maybe one day her bed would break and tomato stuff would spray all over the floor. I laughed pretty heavily to myself…by myself for at least 5 minutes as visions of tomato-red and soupy carpet penetrated my thoughts…imagine the clean-up…hah. LOL. Oh, I kill me. BUT, I realized how much I need to start my own little food storage, bomb shelter-type foods…just in case.

Now I am determined to start accumulating food storage just like I should have been doing since I moved out on my own. After doing a brief look-around in my tiny apartment, I realized that I really don’t have room for anything really. And do you know why…? It is because of MY CRAP, my things, my collection of a lifetime.

Allow me to elaborate on some of these items:

Ticket Stubs From All Events: I can actually remember who, what, where, when and how just by looking at the ticket. I love the memories I have when I look at these stubs.

Homecoming/Prom Knickknacks: Again, what is life without memories? Ah, how I remember well the dances with Kyle Seamans, Adam Kroger, Logan Healy, chick-friends, Donnie Huish, Dave Terry, Brian Gruhn, Tyler Pearce (wait did we go? ;). Wouldn’t want to trade in those memories…or pictures for that matter.

Dolls: I collect porcelain dolls, plastic dolls with the moving eyelids (a little creepy, I know), cabbage patch dolls, Precious Moments dolls and more. Don’t forget my first baby doll whose first name was George, but then I changed it to Randy (even though he was dressed in pink). Since my decor is somewhat more refined and mature, all my collectible dolls are in boxes that take up the guest room closet.

Bells: I collect a bell at every place I ever been to.

Key Chains: A fad since high school that I have just slowly started to get out of, but I still have so many cool one’s, including a vintage key chain from Chuckee Cheese that I got for my 5th birthday.

English Papers: Because I consider myself to be a writer, I like to keep all documents that have shown/illustrated my English progression. Whether or not I actually achieved ‘A’s’ on these papers is beside the point. I like to go through them (at least once a year because that is when I try to clean out my closets) and see what teachers have written to help me become a better writer. You can just read right through the justification of why I keep ALL my papers.

Old Notes: I keep all the old notes from all my buddies in high school. I even have print outs of old emails from friends. Seriously, if you would like to know what you said to me in high school, write me…I will transcribe it for you! Ah, the things we used to worry about in high school….kind of crazy looking back!

Business Cards: I just can’t throw business cards away. Seriously. I have to keep every single one. My philosophy is…’you never know.’

Little Boxes: I really just like saying the word, ‘cute.’ I also really like jewelry of which I have plenty. Having a mother who loves to make jewelry also doesn’t help my collection of that item, which I house in the small little boxes.

Coloring Books/Kids Books/Books in General: I feel like I should just get rid of the extra bed that I am hanging onto for my mother’s sake and just buy a whole bunch of bookcases. Who really needs all these books? I really thought that maybe if I have them that one day, my children will enjoy reading the things that I read. Granted, my mother was able to pass along ‘Goosebumps’ to Bryan, all the other books that we were into at a young age have since taken a back seat to the newer novels of the world. You know what though, I am just not ready to part with my Fear Street collection just yet! (Evil series…really).

Church Memorabilia: From all the handouts my leaders made me in the Young Women’s program at church, to the silly little quotes that I can find online anyway, I have a stack of church memorabilia sitting at home in a shoebox. I started putting them in a book and writing the memory next to it of when I received it and if I recall the emotions that I had. That has also slowed down and now I just have piles and piles. Although, my sister is now teaching Young Women’s and constantly refers to her handouts as ideas for her girls. But the programs from church I saved…they have to go.

Wedding Announcements: I, unlike the majority of my peers and my parents….NEVER throw out wedding announcements. Y’all pay good money for that stuff and I will honor that by saving them!

Pictures: Enough said.

Music: Enough said.

Movies: Including all my old VHS tapes that mom didn’t want anymore. Enough said.

So much more I am sure I can list, but will spare you the details. It is time to DECRAP my house. I almost said ‘my life,’ but let’s get real….