Monday, May 1, 2017

Mommy tales: Mondays are the hardest

Most weekends, I pack up Little Bundle and we go shopping, or go on a mini-vacation, or just get out of the house. My attention goes to making sure he is safe, and that we get things accomplished.

This weekend, we had a service day where we helped our neighbors cut down large trees, helped with yard work, and really felt like we were part of the community. Little Bundle and I spent all day interacting together, having actual nap times - that get thrown off when we travel - and just really had a good time. While he can't verbalize his good time, he was SO happy, and slept when he needed to sleep.

Sunday, we were both very sick. My Sweetheart came down with a cold last week. Even though we tried to avoid it, it came at us full force. Little Bundle and I were out of commission all day. The beauty of having a baby that sleeps the entire naptime is that mom can sleep too.

And just like that, we were cooped up inside our home all Sunday. 

In spite of our colds, Little Bundle showed me all his new tricks. The advantage of being the nanny is that you mostly get to see all the tricks before the parents do. He scoots backwards, starting clicking his tongue, looks up at you when you are holding him forward with those beautiful brown eyes, and "squinches" up his nose when you do something he thinks is funny. He also imitates your laugh and fake laughs, which I get a kick out of. He is growing so fast it is hard to keep up with all the new things he learns. By the time I write it down, he is onto something new.

But yet, when I sneak in on him sleeping, he seems so small - even though he is getting so big.

For a working mom, I only see Little Bundle 4 hours of any given day (if I keep him up to play instead of going to bed). This is tough. 

This is why it is easy for me to say 'no' to events I am invited where Little Bundle can't come with me. This is why it is easy for me to cook Mac N Cheese instead of something that requires more time. That is why I would rather be with him than with anyone, no offense. 

That is why Monday's are hardest - because my 12 hours of awake time with Little Bundle dwindle down to 4.