Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heavens are Smiling Down on Me: When Birds Poop

Since having started my new position, I get to walk to the metro everyday! YAY...and yes, to and from. It is pretty cool; not only do I get some thinking time while I am walking my 3/4 of a mile to the metro, but I am gratefully and optimistically exposed to the elements. 

Today I heard two doves cooing. I smiled recollecting my days in SV getting ready for high school in the morning. Two doves loved to wake me up every morning at the crack of dawn. They lived above my bathroom and would coo so loud that it would drive me crazy. Seeing that I wasn't (and still struggle) with mornings, my teenage self would go out, grab a rock and throw it at them every morning. Inevitably, they would return. It became a routine for us. Ah...memories.

Today's element/Carma moment happened as I walked to my office from the metro. Normally when I am walking to the office, there are hardly any people on the is just too early for this city ;) So, I was walking to work when this man, stops and asks for directions. While I don't know where to point him, because I am still figuring out the city in my new location....this brief conversation prevented me from being massively pooped on by a FLY-BY bird! Seriously, right in front of me about 8-10 inches from hitting me right on the head.....

Let's just say the Heavens smiled on me that day....and I am grateful!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A New Position for a New Me

Some of you might not know, but I was given the opportunity to make a lateral move from Proposal Analyst to Program Analyst at DMI. During my last bitter-sweet proposal, I realize how much I loved managing the proposal...the operations part of the work. After some conversations, my company allowed me to make the switch so I can start learning all about program management. I just started, and am excited for what this means for the future of Lindsey Blau!

I am temporarily housed at our DMI office in downtown DC. I laugh because the commute to Bethesda, Maryland was a lot faster going from where I live in Virginia. However, being in the city is just plain awesome! I already love where I work! And yes, I am going to make a list, because you know I love lists.

Here is what I love so far:
  • The bathroom sinks. I know, that seems rather silly, but I appreciate sinks that have faucets that don't have water going everywhere and that are cool. The faucet in the ladies room is shaped like a U. I tried to find a pic online...but really, it is so unique, I couldn't!
  • I love being this close to so many great places to eat. I am near the Chinatown/Gallery place metro. I know I have this rule about only eating out once every two months, but I may need to see if I can stretch my budget to keep up with my ever-so-eager taste buds
  • Love my cube. It is light and cozy.
  • Surrounded by geniuses. It is amazing how much all these super genius people know. I already had to have help installing drivers for my computer, and these awesome workers knew how to do it! Even though they may have griped that they were not hired to be my help desk, I appreciate that they were so kind to install them on my computer....and under less than 2 minutes. GENIUS!