Monday, October 6, 2008

Twitter-nation I have been following this twitter deal since there was a huge story on the guy who was kidnapped and used twitter to send out his location and get help! Seriously...twitter is a way people who are connected ALL THE TIME, can tell other people what is going on in their day either by sending a text or emailing.

Some famous people like John Mayer and (I noticed) all the up and coming artists are taking to this new form of social media. It is pretty remarkable for me to see the kind of interest twitter accounts are generating.

I don't know if I want to be connected ALL the time...but it is so fun to see people who are...including my boss, Rachel. I think one of my favorite things is now I know what she is doing outside of the office. I always knew she was busy before, but now I know with what. Call it a stalker-type of thing, but I have to check her twitter at least once an hour. Not only for me to be informed of her day, but also to get my daily kicks. I think my favorite twitter-post she had today was: Monday: 1 Rachel: 0.

Maybe I guffawed ridiculously loud.

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Q Crew said...

I must be completely out of the loop, because I have never heard of Twitter before. How do people honestly have time in their day to be constantly connected to something? I don't even have time to blog once a day unless I stay up way too right now it is 11:20 pm!

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Q Crew: Oh, I know what you mean. It is interesting how dependent I get on technology though. Sometimes I want to be connected ALL the time...but then I remember about all those other things that are just as blogging ;)

Carolyn Hanson said...

It is way interesting...I'm thinking of starting twitter myself.