Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Etiquette Reminders

I am in one of those moods where I am VERY aware of things that bug or annoy! Sure, I choose to react this way...I could blame it on the fact I have not had enough sleep, or that woman thing, or the demands of job, dating, social, family, life....but I won't. I won't blame it on anyone but myself...I am choosing to look at things that bug! I will also switch from using the word 'people' to 'you,' something of which is a grammar faux pas...but for the purpose of this blog, forget grammar. I am very aware I am writing it this way.

1. Airport Bus Etiquette 101: When traveling on the airport bus, people should put all their luggage in the proper stalls, then find a place to sit (if there is a place). People should not stand blocking the place for luggage, especially if there are other places on the bus that they could be standing. That way, when some of us come on lugging all our exposition equipment - that needs to be checked, is falling of our arms and heavier than two toddlers - we have a place to store what is so obviously wearing us down. Some may not notice the shortness of breath and/or heavy breathing from lugging all that stuff from the car. Why take that much stuff in the first place....well, that is another story, but there are certainly circumstances that have made it this way for some people. Why place blame? The fact is, move over people and have the courtesy also to give up your seat for elderly people!!

2. Pedestrian Crossing 101: When waiting for a pedestrian to cross in the cross walk, it is only polite...and also very safe, to actually wait until the pedestrian is ALL the way across the street. The pedestrian really isn't trying to make you late to work...or purposly taking their merry time to cross. This rule especially applies to when children are crossing the street with a volunteer crossing guard. The stop sign should be enough signal to really STOP for those crossing the street. People should not try to a. beat the pedestrians thinking, "Oh, they are taking their time, I can make it" b. Notice that really the pedestrians are far enough away that they really could make the turn without hitting them....Heaven forbid if the pedestrians lose their shoe and have to go back for it c. Think they are just way too good for the stop sign. Sorry people...doesn't work.

3. Texting etiquette 101: I hate it....enough said. If a person has an important! It prevents miscommunication and is OH so very personal :) I'm sure the person on the receiving end loves hearing your voice anyway. Also, people should not text while driving. I am guilty sure, and have since repented,...but let's really think about this one! There was a 16 year old girl who was killed last year because someone was texting while driving. There is now a whole campaign dedicated to creating awareness that texting while driving is not safe.

4. Teflon etiquette 101: When using a teflon pot or pan, remember not to use metal objects to cut, stir or poke the ingredients that are being cooked. It scratches the teflon and I am sure there is some kind of safety risk in eating teflon chips in food. I will get back to you on that one.

5. Birthday Calls 101: It is always OK to call and wish someone Happy Birthday, even if you happened to miss it! The fact you remembered it was even in the same month, is still an amazing feet...and sometimes people like to celebrate their birthdays all month long. The truth is, people like being remembered!

6. Child Airplane Etiquette: When traveling with a small child on an airplane, do not hush them for asking you questions in a loud voice. Let them be excited to be on an airplane. Other passengers on the airplane should also remember that children will be children. If you have a hard time falling asleep because of a crying baby, let that be a lesson to you that next time you should bring earplugs. Don't hate the parents or the crying baby. You never know if babies are teething, have ear infections or hate the airplane's loud noise. Passengers should be patient!

7. Dating Etiquette 101: When going out on a date, it is appropriate to call a person at least one-day in advance to follow-up about what time you are picking your date up, and maybe some helpful hints on what dress would be appropriate. Will the date be outside? Well, that would require a sweater (if it is cold outside). Will the date be eating some exotic food? Well, that may require some medicine to prevent tummy-fate. Will the date begin at 6:30? Well, that would mean that all of the after-work errands need to be completed in order to have enough time to get ready...etc, etc. Will the date be a movie? Well, that would require that I wear shoes, not flip-flops, because my feet sweat during movies. You get the point.


me said...

um, happy belated birthday!

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Me: Ha ha....thanks! I love that is my birthday all year! Live like it's your birthday every day...that's my motto!

V.I.C.K.I. said...

I am trying to quit texting while driving. Really this time.