Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mommy Tales: My short labor story

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Do I have news for you...I am a mom! It is the most wonderful, amazing, exhausting, teaching, learning, growing, joyful time ever. Little Bundle arrived in July after a great pregnancy.

My Labor Story (the short version)

Before I went into the hospital to be induced (4 days after my due date), I was told about all the risks associated with being induced. Like any parent-to-be (I assume) it seemed like I had to go through with whatever we decided based on books, doctor's advice, and all the advice from friends, family, and strangers, but really had no idea what was happening. 

We went into it completely aware that we were at the disposal of those professionals who were trained to help women with the birthing process, and I trusted them without a doubt...and still do. After being induced, I fell asleep and labor started overnight. I experienced hard labor for about 1 hour before I was given an epidural....praise be to God for this medicine. 

I then experienced contractions until I was fit to start helping the baby move down and help him be positioned for the hard stuff. The nurses had me push to try to get the baby's head to move past my pelvis. They went to get my doctor to make sure we weren't putting too much stress on the baby. The doctor came in had me push laying on my back my side, and then all fours. Immediately, the babies heart rate started going down. An Emergency C - Section was underway. 

From the time the monitor blipped to the time Little Bundle was safely delivered, it was 7 minutes.

I am grateful for fully trained doctor's and nurses that helped through this process. Some have asked if I was scared. I wasn't at peace, but I wasn't scared. It all seems like it was pragmatic and logical. Emotions at the time evaded me....I just did what the doctor said.

It was 4 hours before I came out of the anesthesia...and I met my Little Bundle for the first time. He was beautiful. He had a full head of dark black hair, gorgeous wide eyes, and a hairy back. I could go on and on about his features. 

At first, I kind of felt jipped that I didn't get to watch as I delivered him, but looking back and in speaking with my doctor....we both could have easily been gone if the process didn't go exactly the way it did.

I am a mom....something I never thought would happen for me in this life...and I am grateful. 

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