Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mommy Tales: The first couple bowel movements after a C-Section

To preface this post, I first must give a couple caveats, assumptions, and identify some
risks associated with what I am about to say.

1. I understand there are women who aren't able to have children, for whatever reason. In that regard, this post may offend you...because the experiences I will outline are things I am going through presently...and my blog is my outlet. I know you probably wish more than anything to bust my head in because I am venting about childbirth.

2.  I enjoy all that motherhood has brought so far, even though I am not even 3 weeks into the process. I love being a mom, I love my Little Bundle. He is the light of my life and I love him more than anything in this world. The post will make it seem like I don't love it or him....this thought is pure nonsense. 

3. I am grateful. On top of everything, I am grateful for what have. I have amazing friends and family that have been thoroughly supportive of this next step for My Sweetheart and I. This post is no intended to offend those who have given so much of their emotional and physical energy to help us find and navigate our way through parenthood.

What I Didn't Know About C-Sections

I had always heard that recovery from a C-Section was hard, but no one really got into the details of what that meant...and probably for a really good reason....because it sucks. I am 3 weeks into my recovery, and feel like my recovery has been a roller coaster of pain and emotion unlike anything I have experienced.

I was given some prescription medicine that is supposed to help manage pain. Alas...I feel my stitches every day...internally and externally. It feels like bee stings on the inside, and feels like rash itches on the outside.

But this blog post is specifically about bowel movements. Gross, I know, but I would have really liked to know what to be aware of with a C-Section. I know I wouldn't have been able to change the outcome of my delivery in any way, but I would have liked to know some things so I could prepare for what was to come.

1. Stool softeners are the best thing since sliced bread. Without these, my first BM would not have been possible. 

2. As much as I tried not to strain, it happened anyway, and it killed. It was like I was bearing a child again. To alleviate some pain, I recommend using a gas relief medicine. My particular favorite is Gas-X. In the hospital, they gave me Maalox...which was also a huge help. Without this gas medicine, my BMs would have been hurt so much more.

3. My parents also suggested Prune juice to help soften stools. With all the other medicine I am on, it is no wonder that BMs are still so painful.

It was a huge accomplishment for me the day that it didn't feel like my stitches were coming out. I remember feeling like it was never going to get better. My husband said something like, "But isn't he worth it," pointing to our new amazing son. I felt like a terrible person/mom because I couldn't respond in the affirmative at that moment. At the time, I thought I was doomed to feel the pain from my BMs forever. 

I am here to tell you, the pain subsides...slowly, but surely....and YES, Little Bundle is worth it.

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