Friday, May 2, 2014

Things on My Mind this Week

  1. Double-roll toilet paper seems to go a lot quicker than regular-roll toilet paper
  2. I have a love/hate relationship with having my heat on at night and my a/c on during the day
  3. My coughs sound like sneezes - when I am cold, I cough. I was cold today and coughed a little. My coworker sent me a quick IM saying "bless you"
  4. I am tired of being responsible - part of the lay off required that I receive pages and pages of paperwork. Part of my new employment also required pages and pages of paperwork. I am tired of reading and reading and reading and sometimes trying to read between the lines. Here are some of the things that I have been responsible to read and understand for the past two weeks.
    • Filing taxes jointly for the first time - requires more and more time since my sweetheart was a contractor
    • COBRA and associated fees - Holy expensive!
    • 401k transactions - on the phone with representatives to help me with future financial planning now that I don't have a retirement plan anymore, talking with Dave Ramsey's people
    • Release documentation - it was still sad to send those in, even though I got a great is still a void that I am hoping to fill with this new opportunity
    • Last day of medical insurance until my new one starts
    • New insurance for my new job
    • New medication that I need to know about, how much is covered, etc.
    • Obamacare, finding out if I can be covered for 1 month with any insurance, (they only provide for a year, which is great for someone needing yearly coverage)
    • Dental - what's covered what's not - I still have wisdom teeth. YIKES!
    • Learning about new tools for my job, documentation, documentation, documentation!
    • Helping sweetheart learn about communicable diseases - studied e-coli today. Bacteria. Fecal-oral. Nasty symptoms. Only last 5-10 weeks. Only thing a patient can do is wait it out, feel terrible in the process, drink fluids, and eat a healthy diet (BRATY) and stuff good on digestive system.
    • Trying to find the best credit cards for my new travel schedule with work - I will get to travel, yay!!
    • Reading the ins and outs of policies/procedures associated with my new job, and helping develop some too
    • Keeping up with bills and changes to plans - I want to switch internet providers, but lack the strength to research one. I also want to combine phone plans with my sweetheart, but it looks like it might be more expensive, and I am too exhausted to really find out. Every At&T person has something different to say, and something different to offer. So, I'm done looking. 400 hours of phone to land is just fine, whatever.
    • Understanding new procedures at our apartment - no peeing dogs in non peeing areas
    That is a lot of documentation. That is a lot of responsibility. I think I want to lay in bed, cover my head, and watch movies under my covers for the rest of my life! and we don't even have kids yet...being an adult bites.
  5. My favorite post on Facebook this week was, "Free horse manure. You haul and load. Just let me know when you want to come by so I can move my horses." I love living in Rexburg!
  6. Finding out that Rexburg kids get a week or so break from school during the potato harvest
  7. Additionally finding out that all our potatoes in the store are not from Idaho - they are all shipped....bummer. But also finding out that during potato harvest, I can go get all the leftovers in the field. HOLLER! Oh, and did you know that if you go to Five Guys, they will have a sign that says where their potatoes/fries are from? Look for Rexburg - we are famous!
  8. Learning about how to take care of in house basil and rosemary - they require 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. Still not sure by us putting them by the window is helping. Our basil seems droopy. He might need to be pinched.

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