Thursday, February 13, 2014

Not Everyone Can Be As Witty....

Not everyone can be as witty as those super cool people who create amazing, dry sense of humor cards. One thing you should know about me. I am one of those people who loves going to the card section of the grocery store and looking to see if anyone is as witty as I am. *Wink. 

Seriously though, my friend and I wanted to start a 'hallmark card' business making up ridiculous cards that only really super cool, dry-humored people would buy. Sure, maybe the market isn't that big, but I tell could be. People just need to lighten up, right? 

Today I saw these amazing Valentine's cards that I just had to share because it is inspiring to me to know there are people out there who get it.

Thank you Huffington Post for your due diligence in writing 21 Awkward Valentine's Day Cards for Your Confusing Modern Relationship

Hope you enjoy two of my faves! PS: Creative people with innovation and humor sure make me happy!

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