Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Officially Official

My mom would tenderly and thoughtfully bug me about whether or not she could start telling everyone that I was engaged. I had to tell her over and over "No, mom....he hasn't really officially asked me yet." I knew that it wasn't official in his mind until he got down on one knee and put a ring on my finger. I am sure her thought was: Sure, but you have the date set, the temple is booked, you told all his family...why can't I tell the world? I had a hard time keeping it secret too, but I knew it was important for Adam to stick with tradition....and the last thing I wanted to do was take away his man-card!

We were offered this beautiful heirloom ring that we think belonged to my Great Grandma. My mom sent it and we had it sized. When the jeweler was finished, they called me and I told Adam. I thought he would swing by, pick it up and then try to surprise me that night....he didn't. 

The following evening, Sunday September 16, 2012, I made dinner for a good friend and Adam. We had a wonderful evening full of laughing, tears, conversation, and great food. At the end of the night, I took my friend home and Adam stayed and did my dishes and greeted me as I came home. I came in, thanked him for doing my dishes, gave him a smooch, and sat on the couch. He started playing some saxophone music he found on Youtube....and no, it wasn't the Sexy Saxophone man. He grabbed me off the couch and danced with me in my living room. He told me all of these amazing, gushy things. I knew what he was up to, but I just let him talk. Sometimes even though he was in the middle of his speech, I would interrupt him and say something gushy back. Then, he got down on one knee. Even though I already knew we were getting married, and already knew how he felt about me, I cried. He said "I love you so much and need you in my life, forever, and want to be sealed to you for time and all eternity. Lindsey Blau will you marry me?" Crying, I nodded and remember uttering 'yes.' He put the ring on my finger - perfect fit. I took his hand, helped him up and we embraced and smooched, and embraced again.

I never had an idea or expectation in my mind of how I wanted to be proposed to. He told me that he wanted to plan something elaborate. To be honest, having him there with me that night in a normal situation, knowing that we might have similar nights just like that, was perfect. Adam is such a romantic...and has the ability to make anything romantic, and I didn't need anything elaborate. Being in the comfort of my home made me excited for our future home....wherever that may be.

Since September 16, things have gotten unpredictably better and better. I enjoy getting to know him more and more, and am often overwhelmed by his thoughtfulness. Yes, we fight and bicker over little random things, but overall those little things don't matter in the long run....and I am excited to hit those big things hard when we get there.

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Quinn said...

I'm so thrilled for you Lindsey! This man has got to be freakinly awesome amazing and oozing of charm, chivalry and sweet honesty to be good enough for you. I'm so glad he found you and you him. Have a beautiful engagement and an even better wedding. I wish your parents were back in SV so I could see you, but alas there are a million places better than the desert. I wish you all the best!