Monday, August 30, 2010

Repercussions of dropping a class

Since I started college, undergrad and everything, I have never dropped a class. It's true. I always thought if I messed with the system, that something would mess up and all my hopes and dreams post-graduation would come to a halt if I dropped a class, or something else really bad would happen. Imagine my consternation when I attended a class and felt like it didn't fit my needs. I, for the first time ever, had to drop the class. I told the professor that while I adored him, I thought the syllabus didn't meet what I was looking for. I hoped that I didn't offend him in my decision. I thought of all the things that could go wrong because I dropped this class, after having invested some substantial hours in the readings, etc. Little did I know that one repercussion would be running into him and his daughter a little awkwardly during a rainstorm, right after my swim class, preceding my bite of protein bar.

First, my hair was wet from swimming. I figured since it was raining, drying it would be moot. Second, I had to make small chit chat as he joked with me (before noticing it was me) if I had room for him and his daughter under my umbrella (which I did)...the chit chat was a reminder to me that I dropped his awesome class, of which I really could have been interested and wonder if I made the right decision. Third, whilst I shared my umbrella with him and his daughter, I didn't notice the huge piece of faux-chocolate that had rested itself ever so carefully on my bottom lip. Upon noticing the chocolate from my protein bar about 5 minutes after we parted ways, I shrugged my shoulders and laughed.

I can rest assured that at least the repercussion of dropping a class was this little awkward interaction, and not something else drastic.


Jana and Brett said...

haha I've never dropped a class. And BTW I really like the words you choose to moot
You are the smartest lady I know. :0)

SETHER+ONE said...

I dropped a class before. It was statistics. And I was glad I did. I just retook it later when I was in a better frame of mind.