Thursday, August 26, 2010

Songs of Worship?

I have the opportunity to volunteer at the Salt Lake temple in the cafeteria. Every once in a while our kitchen staff sings great melodies and hymns, always inspiring....and for some reason, I end up getting songs like Sunshine of Your Love by Cream, Girl by Beck and Angel of Music from Phantom of the Opera stuck in my head. Sacrilegious?


{Jeff+Elisa} said...

Lindsey, I used to work in the temple cafeteria and loved it! My favorite was when all the old men would go through the line and ask for these bibs we had for them when they ate! I know what you are talking about tho cause after working in the temple and leaving I would always feel guilty for ever little thing whether it be music, if I were gossiping or just mean thoughts! Ha did make me want to CTR more! :)

Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

I've gone private. Would you send me your email address so I can invite you? Thanks!