Friday, January 29, 2010

High School Locker Drama

I had another dream where I was in high school...again, and I couldn't get my locker open, thus making me late to class. This dream, however, was very different than my other I-can't-get-my-locker-open dreams. This time, the principal found me and when I thought I was going to get in trouble she reassured me that she knew who I was and knew I wasn't trying to slack off and would forgive my tardiness. Instead of feeling dread for missing the first couple minutes of class and potential repercussions of being tardy, I felt like I was important and known. I felt like despite the fact that I was going to be late to class that I would be OK because my principal knew my intentions and knew that I was prepared, just delayed. However, during the dream, I recall thinking that this circumstance didn't give me an excuse to be late all the time...but that I should always strive to be the best student I could by arriving to class on time.

I love remembering dreams.

I have my own interpretation for the dream...anyone else?


Tyler P said...

I think I know what it means...but I'm pretty sure my interpretation is the same as yours. There are always higher heights to attain, yet sometimes you have to traverse the valleys between the peaks. I love you, Lindsey Blau. I hope you know how much I think about you and hope the very best for you. Thank you for your post. I had a dream the other night, but it was about an ex-girlfriend who turned up unexpectedly...weird!


I have a Dream Interpretation book and you are welcome to borrow it anytime.

Anonymous said...
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