Friday, January 15, 2010

Inspired Graffiti

Normally, I don't condone graffiti unless it has been sanctioned by some organization or something, but today I may have had a change of heart. In the bathroom at the University of Utah library and a place where all my best pondering takes place, someone had written 'Practice Tolerance' on the back of the toilet paper holder. The word 'Tolerance' had been crossed out and was replaced with the word 'Acceptance.' I found this little piece of graffiti, especially the way it was constructed (someone's original thought, replaced by words of wisdom by someone else) to be rather refreshing.

It seems that tolerance is something that is in place as a precursor to acceptance. There are so many things that were once tolerated that over time have become accepted. I find that acceptance is actually a more peaceful resolution to barriers that may exist in any circumstance. So, while it may be prudent to practice tolerance, it is almost more effective to practice the end outcome, in this case - acceptance. So, thank you dear graffiti artist for giving me something to think about in the quiet thrones of the University of Utah library bathroom.


My Walkabout said...

This is one of my most favourite of all your posts. Nice work!

Tiffany said...

You have inspired me to read the graffiti on bathroom walls! Thanks for the post! :)

caryn said...