Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pray for the Singles

My friend said she just got this flier (flyer??) on her car. Not a bad idea if I should say so myself. My mom said she gave up praying for single people a long time ago...I had to tell her to keep doing it...we obviously need help ;)


me said...

Obviously. I mean, according to this flyer, singles cannot reach their full potential in life without being married, and no one in the world needs prayer more than those who are... gasp... SINGLE!!! (cue horror music from the movie Psycho) *rolling my eyes*


Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Me: HAHAHA...LMBO (laughing my butt off). We are all in trouble now!

Globe Trecker said...

That flyer totally made me laugh and made my day! I mean, this is seriously priceless.

Lish Fish said...

Ha ha ha ha..... Thats hilarious. Love it.