Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Family Night Games

Mamma Blau has done it again!! Seriously, her vision, ambition, drive, charisma and never ending supply of creativity baffles me. Since I can remember, my mom has taught in the primary. She was also the coolest substitute teacher ever, and always involves kids in the most outrageous ways...and you know what....they love it every time. Well, with that said...Mamma Blau has created a website where you can now share in family home evening exercises. These have been tested and approved by my family at least. These games are good for the youngins, but to tell you the truth...I think I am going to make some suggestions to the young single adult family home evening chair people. So, here is that website for you! Make sure Mamma Blau knows what your experience is with these fun activities....maybe she will post even more!

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The Solomon Fam said...

I can't wait to check it out! You're Mom is very talented!