Friday, February 20, 2009

Things that make me laugh

Things that made me laugh today:
  • Seeing an elderly lady jamming to rap music
  • Cute old men at the Evergreen library that wink at me
  • Seeing cars accidentally driving on sidewalks that are meant to be sidewalks and not easily confusing though really...have you seen the sidewalk at the U that could be disguised as a road but is really a sidewalk? Yeah...
  • My ridiculousness
  • Music lyrics that say: grab onto my love handles
  • When doors won't stay closed (my apartment) or open (my car)
  • When my steering wheel squeaks
  • When I am jamming to some good ole classical music with my windows down
  • Seeing people nod off while taking notes and their notes look like t
  • Thinking I heard one thing when I really didn't hear what I thought that I heard, and nodding in agreement (this has gotten me in trouble before)
  • Realizing I posted two things today
  • Realizing I could spend all day online.....YIKES


Steven Beckstrand said...

What about my list of reasons?

Walking With Tippytoes! said...

Thank You so much for the Dvd. Brylee loves signing time. She gets so excited everytime I turn it on for her. She knows quite a few signs now.
Thanks again that was way nice of you.

calanan said...

"Seeing an elderly lady jamming to rap music"


Rachel's Spot said...

I too get a great kick out of "love handles" as music lyrics. That song always makes me smile. What a good memory.