Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Notwithstanding My Weakness

I interviewed with a company the other day that asked me what I have a hard time 'dealing with' in the workplace. Obviously, being human, who wants to answer that question? That is just like when you are out on a first date and the guy says, "What is your ultimate weakness: a.k.a. what are the reasons why we should never date again?" Hah hah. WOAH, WOAH.

I have had that question asked of me before during job interviews, and have managed to not really go into too much detail because I want to seem perfect for the job (as all of us do during interviews, right?). This time, I answered honestly. I gave specific examples of situations where I had a hard time 'dealing' with things. Overall though I realized that I soon overcame the problems I had and moved forward. All in all, the interview went well. We were able to laugh about things...and I am excited to see what happens.

Looking back at certain circumstances in my life, I haven't always been able to move forward as easily, and have realized that I am still training myself to do better. I am reading a book by Neal A. Maxwell called, "Notwithstanding My Weakness." I highly recommend this book for anyone who finds themselves constantly struggling with weakness (even if you don't admit it, but secretly know in your heart).

I wanted to share some quotes that were pretty profound for me, as I struggle to be better:

"Moving forward is what the Lord expects of us. Into the brief, fleeting time allotted to each of us must be crowded challenges that will help us, in our weaknesses, to develop the qualities we now lack. The presence of stress may be needed for their development. The same availability to experience adversity will be ours, for 'the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith.' To expect immunity is niavete."

"In overcoming our weaknesses, pain is almost inevitable-perhaps even some exposure to embarrassment...Motivation can arise out of humiliation, just as determination can grow out of depravation. Opportunity may lie hidden within seeming tragedy." (Maxwell, p. 20-21)

Overcoming a weakness doesn't happen overnight, just as a true change of heart doesn't happen overnight. Overcoming our weaknesses means that we need to practice and understand patience. Just like watching a plant grow, the buds don't bloom right away. With the correct amount of nourishment-water, sunlight, kind words ;) the plant will develop strong roots and will be able to withstand storms and will blossom more than just once.

Overcoming weakness also means we need to have hope that we CAN overcome. With the help of the Lord anything is possible. In the book, Maxwell says that we need total love and obedience to God and that when we become trustingly patience in our experiences, that we recognize the circumstances of life are really deemed for our good. "Such total love of and obedience to God means also that we no longer presume to teach God knowledge or murmur at the manner in which His plans unfold....Though the world sees it differently, righteous obeying is growing; righteous complying is stretching." (Maxwell, p. 32-33)

The book is amazing and I wish I could share more with you, but you will just have to buy it. As I am going through some very interesting circumstances right now, I know that my patience, hope and understanding is being tried everyday. I often have to remind myself that everything will work out the way it is supposed to. Lately, I have been struggling with the 'Am I doing everything in my power to make sure it does? Am I doing my very best? What or who defines what 'best' means? If I don't do my best, will the Lord still help me?'

These are all questions I don't know the answer to. All I know is that I am doing the best I can with what I have been given. Sure, sleeping in until 10:30 might not be the best. I could feel inadequate everyday and not recognize that I am just being stretched. But, I choose to listen, trust, hope, have patience with and obey the Lord the best I can, notwithstanding my weakness.



Great post Linds. Hang in there and continue to look forward with faith and hope. Love

Brenden+Nikki said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I'm always looking for a good book and I love reading anything that Elder Maxwell wrote. He's so eloquent and wise! I'm sure you did great in the interview. How could they not have fun talking to you? You create happiness in a room! I would know!

LemonDrop Creative | Ashley said...

Hi Love!! I haven't been on here for ages and was just doing a lil' Blau life update... I also LOVE teen movies, I'm so glad you've started school! how's it going?!, and hooray for being our own bosses :) I LOVE YOU!!!

Mummers said...

Thanks for sharing, I love you. I would love to do luch, visit and catch up, my treat, Let me know.

Rustin & Kelsi said...

Man, what a crazy market!!! Luckily Rusty and I didn't own a house so we could blow all our savings traveling with the opening created in both our schedules simultaneously with the bad economy. I hope you find the next job of your dreams. Every single person I've talked to from my last company is even better off after being let go - after a few months anyway. Good luck!

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

SHELLS BELLS!: Hey you...thanks for being a great neighbor and freakin awesome person. I am just trying to be like you :)

Brenden and Nikki: Oh, Elder Maxwell is my hero. I know I am not supposed to have favorites...but you know. Hah, I certainly hope they had as much fun as I did in the interview. We'll see!

Asholina: Oh, yes...being our own bosses. Maybe that is the answer I have been waiting for...I just need to stick with this whole running my own business thing. Forget the full-time job. Perhaps you need to teach me how to be a little more dedicated!

Mummers: Ooh, lunch would be wonderful. You are WAY too nice to me! But, hey I'll take it!

Rustin and Kelsi: Oh seriously, you are so lucky not to be worrying about this mess. Can't wait till this stimulus package comes into fruition. Even though it may be flawed, at least there will be 600 jobs per state in that which I most desire...no, not the mommy job...sillies...there are WAY too many openings for that...it is not even competitive anymore ;)