Saturday, August 19, 2017

I Cry Every Time My Mom Leaves

My babysitter was unable to watch Little Bundle, and we needed to find someone to watch him for two weeks. I called my mom and she gladly volunteered. She flew here from California and not only took care of Little Bundle, but took care of me in ways she doesn't know. 

In trying to navigate my relationship with My Sweetheart, my heart is often left sore. It is hard when one moment of darkness in our relationship - because of My Sweetheart's depression - feels like a lifetime. 
Mothers and Daughters by Alina Chau

I am frequently left alone to figure out my role, separate his reactions and mood from anything I may or may not have done, and try to stay positive for me and for Little Bundle. It is hard, and most moments I fail to find beauty or joy in the journey. I hate what depression does to him. I hate, also, how I react to his depression.

But then my mom comes to town. She is so gracious, amazing, and wonderful. I ended up getting really sick while she was here, and she took care of Little Bundle, My Sweetheart, me, and housework, allowing me time to rest so I could heal in more ways than one. She gave me strength just by being here. 

I never feel a lack of being wanted or needed when I am with her. I always feel loved and cared for. Her service helps me through the dark moments of my marriage - and remember who I really am, where I come from, and the strong woman I have become.

In those dark moments, I tend to forget those things about myself. Yet, having someone I am close with, who knows the real me, and gets me, helps me overcome the dark moments and remember.

And so, I cry every time my mom leaves. 

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