Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October Resolutions

September's resolutions went really well, and I loved giving a report about them. I am excited to share with you my October resolutions that I started at the beginning of the month.
  1. Spirituality: Pray sitting up and study receiving revelation
  2. Marriage: Compliment my sweetheart everyday - must be genuine
  3. Finances: Actually create a budget and stick to it
  4. Family/Friends: Find memorabilia and text/email/inform the finds to family/friends saying "remember when"
  5. Intellect: Continue studies on behavioral disorders
  6. Health: Resume work out regime "do it now"
  7. Time: Start throwing things away. Scan unnecessary but wanted paperwork
  8. Passion: Cook an experiment once a week. Finish one book other than intellect studies
Things are going well so far. I have successfully accomplished sitting up to pray so far during the month of October, something that haunts me constantly when I am tired and I end up falling asleep during my personal prayers. It is really hard for God to communicate with someone who puts him on hold because they fall asleep, right ;) I am falling behind on some resolutions like the "do it now" regime, but hope to remedy that for the rest of the month.

Just so you have it, here is a link to my calendar October Resolutions that you can download should you feel so inspired. If you want, Gretchen Rubin also has some templates you can use for your own Happiness Project. 

Here I go!

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