Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happiness Project: My 13 commandments

Part of the Happiness Project suggests that I come up with my own commandments; rules I can live by when I feel my happiness wavering or going under. While there are several things I do to pull out of happiness like listening to good music, talking with friends, praying, etc., the commandments are supposed to be little reminders that will help me on the happiness journey.

I had a hard time with this task because I feel like there are so many rules that I should live by. I have put this post off for at least one month because I didn't want to get it wrong. Now in writing, I realize how close I need to stick to my commandments. This attitude of failure I am talking about is a perfect example of when I should be reading and re-reading my personal commandments.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I often feel like I am a failure, and that feeling doesn't make me happy. Below I have included commandment 8, of which I have so often repeated to others as a way to help them with their perceived 'failures.' It is due time that I take my own advice....right?

And so, here is my list of commandments...and guess what? I can add to them anytime I like.

My 13 Commandments

1. It is what it is, embrace it, be grateful for it
2. Ask "Am I Being a Lady?"
3. Optimism is a force multiplier
4. By small and simple things, great things come to pass 
5. Don't rehearse unhappiness
6. Let it go
7. Be true to my God and myself
8. It is part of life's learning experience to fail - what is failure anyway?
9. Acknowledge and be OK with what I don't encompass, and what others don't encompass (borrowed from a Gretchen passage: Paradoxes of Happiness)
10. Don't be so hard on yourself
11. Remember you are of great worth 
12. All in the Lord's time
13. Everyone has agency because everyone is a child of God


Jennifer said...

Love, love, love your commandments!!! I just might have to copy them for myself to read every morning!! Love you sweetie! :)

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Thanks hun! Honestly though, it was hard just to give myself 13. But I guess that is part of my 'I'm not doing enough' mentality that I am trying to balance.

Miss you!