Monday, July 1, 2013

The Marriage Learning Curve, Lesson 6: Opportunity to Grow

I have been struck lately by the idea that it is a divine opportunity to grow together in a marriage, but it is also a divine opportunity to grow individually. Lately I have been struggling with this concept and how that fits into our marriage. Every once in a while I find peace in hearing about someone else who also has had a tough time understanding this same concept, and learning about what they did to pull through. I am uplifted in seeing couples who, despite their individual trials, can testify of the sanctity of marriage, and how precious it is. I admire people who share openly their trials and admit that they too are anxious and nervous, like me. At the end of the day, I realize that this experience gives me the opportunity to really rely on those foundational elements I learned so greatly about when I was single: patience and endurance being the top two.

I was humbled today by this video the church put out, and again thank my Heavenly Father for my opportunity to grow individually in order to grow together....

I recently read an article, Stage Sets and Scribbling: How Personal Growth Enhances Marriage. She starts off telling a story about the day she told her friend that she had fallen in love with her husband over and over again. When her friend asked her how she could possible do that, she responded that she was changing and he was changing all the time for the better, and those changed people still found one another. I found this article refreshing as it discussed a full and eternal love that companions can have for one another. In addition, she discusses the need to grow individually, as well as together. Each of us are blessed with different likes and dislikes. This doesn't have to be a burden on marriage, but should provide variety and excitement. The article states, "We have discovered that our marriage is most vibrant when each of us is true to that inner voice that whispers, “Go forth, progress, learn, develop, become.” The renewal process of marriage begins with the renewal process of the individual." 

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