Friday, December 4, 2009


Someone wrote on my facebook that she wanted to get together with me. I agree full-heartedly that this must be so....however, Bert would feel a little lonely if I did. For those of you who haven't been to the University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library as of late, there are so many things to be a part of, including the wonderful study areas that have become my saving grace these past three semesters. One area in particular with high windows that make up an entire wall, looks over the south side of campus. Outside this study area, the landscapers have dedicated some ground to amazing flowers and shrubbery. It is quite peaceful there and I love to study in this quiet section of campus.

Back to the facebook story, I had to write my dear friend that I will not be able to see her until after December 17th, but until then, she can find me at the library in the quiet study zone sitting near the windows on a chair I have taken upon myself to name Bert. And there I will sit writing my paper about the Education and Secondary Education Act and how it was shaped into the No Child Left Behind Act and the policy implications behind each amendment. I will also be sitting there writing another paper about the law surrounding teacher evaluations and how federal law and state law have affected how principals conduct teacher evaluations. I will also be studying vehemently for a 100-question rigorous examination on education law, specifically on how certain cases have shaped policies in schools. And Bert will also see me writing another paper on property tax and how it contributes to public education funds.

Bert and I have a long way to go...but for some reason I feel like the end of this semester will make me even more fond of him. So, my dear friends...until December 17th, Bert and I bid thee farewell. Adieu. Adieu.

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A Bunch of Paynes said...

Dear Burt,
Please be nice to Lindsey over the next couple of weeks. She will be putting her big brain through the ringer, so the least you can do is make sure her tush is nice and comfy cozy. But don't ever let her fall asleep on you...Drool ruins upholstery, you know. A loose spring might be recommended. So be sure to kick her out at the end of the day so she can see Christmas lights, sing some fa-la-la's and catch some z's.
Lindsey's friend Keri
(not an armchair. or car. or computer.)