Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peach Shakes

You wouldn't think that growing up in Sierra Vista would have a lot of perks. I just had an aunt visit SV and she called me asking, "What is there to do here?" I am sure she thought What in the world did they do when they lived here? I laugh at this because...sure, compared to the thriving metropolis of Salt Lake, it probably could be considered 'boring.' But let me tell you a memory that I cherish more than anything a city could provide.

Thunder and lightning storms and peach shakes. Every June-September the sky in Sierra Vista would get dark about mid-day and the smell of wet asphalt and wet desert dirt (not necessarily mud...it never rained hard enough) would roll in. That is when the lightning show started. Any time we knew there would be a storm, my mom would hurry and make peach shakes and we would all sit out on my back porch that faced the mountains and watch the lightning show. We would ooh and aah trying to see if we could spot the longest piece of lightning and would shriek when we would hear the best clap of thunder. That alone would take me back there to live. I think about it all the time.

Right now in Salt Lake, we are having a thunder and lighting storm. And even though it really isn't the same kind of desert rain smell, it still smells good and fresh.

Break out the peach shakes baby!


Nikki said...

Did you know that Chick fil a has peach shakes now? I doubt then can order up a lightning storm for you- but the peach shakes...they've got that one covered!

{Jeff+Elisa} said...

Lindsey, I'm totally agree with you about the smell of the rain in SV!! People always ask me the same thing..."what in the world did you do down there??" I made a lot of good friends that's for sure! I loved growing up there!! What a fun memory, we should go back to SV and make peach shakes and my parents still live there so we can sit on their back porch and drink them! :)