Monday, May 18, 2009

Family RULES!

I went to sleep semi-dreading the next day. I didn't dread the activities of the next day, but I dreaded that I would be one step closer to 30. I just finished reading a book that said that once you have hit 27, it is like you are 30 anyway, so you may as well get used to it. I do not recommend this book to any 26 year old turning 27! I haven't really cared about other years...26 seemed like the perfect age. Needless to say, I shed a tear or two thinking about all those people who would say, "Oh my word, she is 27, mormon and still single...something must be wrong." I had to get over this silly...YES, very silly notion that seemed to pop into my head at about 11:59 p.m. on May 15th. I was going to love 27...or so I kept telling myself!

I didn't make any huge plans. It's as if I didn't want people to know that I was leaving 26 behind. How rude of me, really ;) My friends were so sweet and planned a birthday dinner for me that night. We ate at my fave restaurant in SLC, The African Market. It was amazing to have some of my close friends come and share this experience. I remember my friends talking about having a party, but I just didn't want to, because I didn't want anyone to know about my dread, gloom and doom.

So, (on my actual birthday) I didn't make any super huge plans. The plans I made for myself were to wake up at 7:00 a.m. on May 16th and go garage sailing (sale-ing) with my sister. That was all. Then I would go to a co-birthday BBQ that night. But that was it. I was trying to conceal my new age as much as possible.

7:00 a.m. came around and I took my time getting ready for the day. I knew it would be hot outside and I knew that I needed a shower. I contemplated jumping in the shower for about 20 minutes too late. "Ah, I will just get sweaty from hopping in and out of the car anyway...." I thought. So I didn't shower. I searched for one particular shirt I wanted to wear, but in vain. I forgot to do my laundry. I think it has been 3 weeks. Oh well. I put on a shirt I bought my freshman year of college and got ready to sale and sale hard!

I heard a knock at my door and took my time answering. I was still groggy...

I opened the door to greet my sister and my breath was knocked out of me. There stood my parents, Bryan and Jamie. They all yelled 'Happy Birthday!' Tears formed in my eyes as I hugged each one of them. Probably the best birthday present ever, I was swept away with emotion. Even writi
ng this makes me tear up. I will never forget that my parents drove all the way from San Diego to be with me on my birthday.

Mom, Dad, Bryan, Jamie, Jordan and I went to breakfast near the Daybreak garage sales. I think I was in shock until after I finished my oh-so-healthy oatmeal. I just couldn't believe that
they knew. I mean, how did they know that I needed them so much? I did. The last couple weeks have been some of the most trying and emotional. I needed to feel accepted, wanted and loved. What a perfect day! What an inredible family I have!

Needless to say, we went sale-ing together all day. Even my dad!! He put up with us screaming 'right' no 'left' or 'what is over there, dad go over there,' and 'ooh, this is pretty, should I get it?' and all that jazz. My age it didn't even seem to matter anymore. To be honest, I kind of forgot. My family will be with me no matter what, all the time, forever...and that is all I needed to get over that silly little notion of 27 is the new 30.

Time seemed to fly by. We ate a late lunch and went to Gardner Village to look at the cute shops. Again, the boys were awesome letting us do it! Then my whole mom's side of the family got together for dinner to celebrate all the May birthday's. Apparently everyone knew that the family was coming except for me. I couldn't stop smiling!

Then, after dinner, my family had to leave. I was so sad they had to go so soon, but then I realized they had just driven 12 hours for one be with me...and I was grateful. I had a great chat about 'relationship' stuff with my parents...even my dad. I never quite tell him my relationship stuff, so it was amazing to hear what he had to say. All those things I have been wanting for my future seem so far away, but after talking with my dad, I realized there is no point in worrying so much about it. It was so refreshing to have his perspective on what dating is and how it should be. He told me I was doing the right thing, which is always nice to hear from him...!

I am the luckiest girl ever to have such a wonderful family
and incredible friends who love and support me even when I am at my lows. I love you all so much and will never forget this birthday. I don't think anything is going to top this....but who knows...maybe 28 will be just as amazing.


A Bunch of Paynes said...

YES! Your family is TOTALLY amazing. I just love your parents. I wanted to cry just reading that they drove up for you. And they did because you are so completely amazing and fun and lovable. I'm glad you had a good day and I'm glad you're getting a handle "27" before me so you can show me the ropes...Love you chica, happy birthday!

Tara Bergsjo said...

That was an amazing story! I got all teary eyed when I read it!! You truly have such an amazing family! I know I say that ALL the time, but you really do!! I am so glad that you had your family there to help make your birthday a happy one instead of a sad one! I love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lish Fish said...

Aw. Your family rocks. I have tears. ;O) How neat of them to make that trip for you!! I am glad you had such a good day.

27 isnt too shabby. I am turning 29 this year and THAT scares the wha-hoo outta me. I am sure it will be fine. :O)

Love ya babe!!

The Solomon Fam said...

That is so cool that they drove all that way and surprised you! Thank heavens for family! I am glad your birthday turned out to be a nice one. You are one awesome 27 year old! Happy Birthday!

V.I.C.K.I. said...

Hello?! 27 is NOTHING! And I seriously, seriously feel I get better as I age. Glad to hear you had a gr8 day with the fam. XoXoXo

Jana and Brett said...

Happy Birthday Lady! I hope your year is awe-shum! It was great seeing you Sunday. I just love ya.

caryn said...

27 is awesome. I miss 27, 28 isn't nearly as cool.

Happy happy birthday!

Your family is so awesome, what a great surprise :)

Rachel's Spot said...

Having just hit the big 3-0, I must say it isn't that bad. It's a whole syllable less than 29! I'm glad you had a great birthday and felt the love from your family and friends because you deserve it.

{Jeff+Elisa} said...

Lindsey!! Happy Be-lated birthday!! I hear ya...I was soooooooooo dreading the 27 year old club, it depresses me that I am getting that old. Sometimes I still accidentally tell people that I am 23, it can pass for that age too!! Lindsey you are amazing and you are only adding to your amazing-ness by getting older! ;) Love ya!

The Regimballe Family said...

I'm so glad you had a fab birthday! What a fab family you have! I miss all of you!! Hope it's a wonderful year for you!

Anything But Housework said...

Call it crazy, but even your dad admitted that it was a good trip. Driving on the road him we got 45 miles, no kidding, to the gallon. Your dad was amazed and happy. You are the best.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

A Bunch of Paynes: I know it. Seriously...still crying! Oh honey, I could write a book about 27.

Tara Bergsjo: I really do have an incredible family. No sadness here!

Lish Fish: Let me know what I can do to get the wha-hoo back in you! That can't be good!

The Solomon Fam: Ah shucks...thanks sister!

VICKI: Ah, words from the wise one. Thank you Obewan!

Jana and Brett: I love that we live in the same city! It was such a surprise to see your whole fam. Your babies are just so gorgeous!

Caryn: Well 27 better be the year if 28 is that bad. EEK! I better have some major goals accomplished...

Rachel: Oh good at least once I am 30, I can look back on this moment and laugh....if only I could do that sooner....

Jeff and Elisa: Happy Happy to you to my dear! Yeah, I tell people I am super younger than I really am. I just need to keep getting botox and I will pass off for that young...thanks for the compliments dear child.

Merri: Hey to the fam! We miss being there too. I need to get down to the AZ soon.

Anything But Housework: Seriously mo, you guys ROCK! Especially that wonderful hub of yours. He is pretty awesome like that!