Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cow parade

So, Lindsey, what did you do over Spring Break?

I went to the Cow Parade in San Diego.

The what?

The cow parade. I am sure you are thinking, but you live in Utah...can't you see all the cows you want? Well, it is not what you think.

Each year, artists from all over San Diego paint these cows that are made out of some kind of material, I want to say fiber-glass- or laminate, or so
mething. After the artists have painted the cows, they stash them all over the city of La Jolla and provide you with a map, where hoof prints indicate where to find the next cow.

Mom and I spent a
ll afternoon looking for these cows. We only missed one section...but all in all...I hope I can attend the Cow Parade every year.

We also stopped and shopped while searching for these cows...and when the store owners or workers asked us what we were doing, we told them that we were there for the cow parade. Most of them looked at us like we were crazy, and we would have to prove that their city of La Jolla actually had these cows on every block. It was pretty funny considering the cow parade has been going on for years...! I also learned that at the end of the two months that they are on display, the cows are then auctioned off and all proceeds go toward the local hospital.

La Jolla wasn't the only place we visited, but most certainly the favorite. While in San Diego, I also had a chance to go to Mission Beach and ride bikes around the marina with my mom, Bryan and his friend, Ethan. It was fun to ride to the nearest yogurt shop where instead of charging one flat rate, they charge you per weight of your ice cream...and you can mix in whatever you want.

I also just had to go to the beach. That is all I really wanted to do was sit and soak it in! So, even though 'beach day' was the foggiest day during my visit, I refused to let that get me down....I was going...no matter what! So I did.....even when people were staring at me wondering what a girl in a swim suit was doing in the 40 degree weather trying to get a tan. I did it! And for the brief 10 seconds that the sun hit my skin...I was happy!

It was good to go home for a while and hang with the fam. Here are a couple highlights:
  • Going to LA to visit April and meet her beau. Apparently, people in LA or everywhere, celebrate St. Patrick's Day 3 days in advance. I had no idea. Also....it is always wise to carry gum with you...no matter what the occasion.
  • Attending institute class with my mom. I had no idea that people could spend 1 hour on 6 versus of scripture...and hold my attention the entire time. It was very edge-of-my-seat.
  • Going to the swap meet in Springville. Probably the best experience...what is it with me and going through other people's stuff? Seriously, I am fascinated by stuff! My dad and brother couldn't stand the fact that my mom and I stopped at every tent. Boys, if you don't want to stop at every cutsie or cool-looking thing....don't come! ;) I believe my dad's exact words were, "A Swap Meet is something that should take only a half an hour to go through...and these girls spend 4 hours there!"
  • Keeping Bryan up late way past his bed-time. Don't tell dad...but let's watch one more episode....
  • Being lined up...enough said.
  • Pinewood derby races.
  • Bead-making with my mom.
  • Going to Carlsbad to look at the flowers and going through the outlet malls instead.
  • Eating sushi. I think I had sushi three times in one week. The freshest fish migrate to Cali, just in case you didn't know.
  • Driving 12 hours to and from with the greatest road trip mixes ever and trying not to get caught talking on my phone while driving through Cali.
  • Taking Bryan and Ethan out on sister date night. We went to see Race to Witch Mountain. A highly recommended movie. I loved it!
  • Making my parents take me to the beach. We went to the base...where there were only 20 people on the beach due to over-foggyness. Bryan immediately began playing in the water. My dad was sure my mom was going to be arrested by the MP's should she get caught trying to change her top. Dad and Mom sat in their chairs with sweatshirts and towels wrapped around them to stay warm. I refused to let a foggy day ruin my second day of getting a tan. I found a sand dollar. Bryan drank more ocean than any 10 year old should. As soon as we packed up...the sun came out.
  • Going to the temple...Mom almost getting caught changing in the parking lot.
  • Losing Bryan's ball in the ovegrown weedage of our backyard...even after he told me not to lose it. Sorry Bry.
  • Sunday dinner!


Lish Fish said...

Your posts always make me laugh...I am glad you had a good time with the fam. That is awesome. What is with your momma changing in public?? Lol.. That kills me.

Anonymous said...

I have actually heard of that. How weird does that make me? Or maybe how artistic and informed? Lets go with that one.

Glad you and your mom had fun! Great pictures! Hugs to you and your fam from the peeps in Chicagoland!

Tara Bergsjo said...

Sounds fun! The cow parade sounds so funny, yet cool!

Nikki said...

They did the same thing with Mickey's one year. They sent them all over the world and then had them sent back and put all over Disney (land or World...I don't remember!) It was really cool. I will have to see if I can find some pictures...Hmmmm..

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Lish Fish: Yeah...who knew that mom's morals would disappear every time I come to visit...there is just something about stripping in public! It is quite exhilarating.

Laurel Leaves: Totally not weird! Love that you know about it.

Tara: It is there for two months...you should totally visit the fam and see it...and maybe hit Disneyland while you are there ;)

Nikki: OOH, Mickey's would be awesome to see! I hope you find the pics!

Anything But Housework said...

great blog girl. Loved your pictures of the cows. Got to Make a DVD. Find that music and I will.

Quinn said...

Those cows are awesome!! I had no idea. I bet it was great to hang out with your mom, and I'm glad you didn't let the fog get you down, and soak in some Lindsey time at the beach; sounds super relaxing!

Anonymous said...

I said, "Why not real cows? That would show true artistic skill, having to move around with the animal, maybe even milking the animal every so often. And then the parade would be a beautiful cattle drive. It would even save on gas, you know, helping the environment. Except for those flatulants, but at least they could say they tried. Or, even better, they could paint bulls and do some sort of art/rodeo event! After they paint the bull, they have to ride it!

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Anything But Housework: Can't wait to see the slideshow. Don't forget to incorporate some short clip 'mooing' sounds.

Lisl and Stephen: Besides curling up on the couch and reading a great book, it really is one of the most relaxing activities!

Brian: I concur. When they start painting live animals, I will pay!!

Rachel's Spot said...

Love the cow parade! Looks like fun. Have you seen the moose in Park City? Similar theme. I don't know if they are still there or not. Probably worth a road trip to investigate.

me said...

So glad you got to hang out! In college there we many different painted angel statues all across L.A.- you never knew when you'd see one.
-april u