Monday, June 2, 2008

Jackson Hole

There is something about being out in open country, gazing at the stars, camping next to a river and being in great company that makes me think, "Remind me why I have to be responsible, again." To celebrate a good friend's birthday, 8 of us went up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We pulled in after everyone else in the campground went to bed. It was kind of nice...the solitude was peaceful. Driving to our spot where two rivers intersected, I could already see the stars....something I haven't seen for a while in the city. It reminded me of my time spent in Logan, where I could star-gaze every night in the summer!

We set up camp, went to bed...some of us snuggling for warmth. The next day, we woke up and went river-rafting down the Snake river. We had these awesome wet-suits and had sweet booties and jackets. The water was swift and made our adventure very short...but very sweet. When we hit some rapids, I felt like a super-star...having gone down the river before. But, all in all, every experience is a new one. I always picture myself giving up what I am doing to be a river-guide/traveler/adventurer, but then the whole 'responsibility' thought pops into my head. Thank goodness for weekends and amazing places, or I would go nuts.

After river-rafting, we all went to the Jackson Hole visitor's center and went on a hike around Taggart Lake, in Teton Valley. It was gorgeous. There was still snow on the ground...some of us got in snow-ball fights. Something I didn't even do when I had fresh snow to play with during the winter. The crazy b-day girl, Laura, jumped in the lake. I, however, was done being passed on that opportunity. We ate at a sweet authentic Mexican Food place that had 'Piggy' in the name. During our visit to the visitor's center, some of my friends bought star cards so that we could actually name the constellations that night. I did a pretty shoddy job trying to find stars...and was way too cold to step away from our bonfire long enough...but we did find Ursa Major, Cassiopia, Draco....That is all we could really identify. That night, everyone snuggled in the tent and it was so much warmer than the night before! We ate at Bubba's the next morning.

I can't wait to go back and experience such an incredible time where can feel completely rejuvenated and alive! Even if it is just for 2 nights...

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Lish Fish said...

That Piggy Place is yummy...The Merry Piggy? Something like that. Looks like lots of fun!