Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taurus-like a bull

I don't believe in following horoscopes...and I was never really one of those girls that had to check i
t out every month in some teeny-bopper magazine. I thought it would be fun to read it in some random home garden magazine for kicks and giggles. When I read it I thought about it for a split second and disregarded it immediately. Out of curiosity, I decided to look one more time: "You've got some major emotions working their way through your heart right now and they might interfere with your daily business. Let them! There's no way to bypass them and you're better off coping now."

Interesting. Not that I will begin taking heed from horoscopes, but decided to conduct more research just for fun. Here is what it read for 2007:
Neptune's influence will create confusion about your life goals--where exactly you are headed--is likely to be part of the picture. Do your best to avoid encouraging others to idealize you or to see you for who they want you to be rather than who you actually are. Disappointments can be avoided that way.

In the last Ensign, President Eyring talks about being true to myself and how when I am bearing my testimony to other people, the truthfulness of what I feel will be portrayed in words...and people will recognize the 'realness,' 'truthfulness,' and 'authenticity' of what I am saying. When I read, 'let others see you for who you are rather than showing your idealistic person,' that is what I think about. Am I being true to myself? Does it matter what other people think when I am being real? Do horoscopes really define me!? Hah. No, but the gospel does and really when I think about it, ties into anything really.

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