Monday, August 18, 2008

Whisper Rock

I went to an incredible concert on Friday with some buddies. Joshua Radin came back to Salt Lake after only a couple months. I have to say that I have never really been one to swoon over a musician before, but with his lyrics and very soft music, I couldn’t help but fall for him….ok, maybe not for him, but absolutely for the music. I was so impressed by the lyrics and the way he presented each song. In the middle of his performance he said he is trying to start a new genre of music called ‘whisper rock.’ I can’t think of another way to really describe his music. As one of my friends put it, he had me eating out of the palm of his hand. In fact I really just wanted to tell him how much his words meant to me.

To get a little personal, all that icky stuff that I have been facing the past couple months, was amazingly portrayed through his music. Call it inspired, cheesy or whatever, but he spoke to me in a way that I haven't been spoken to before. Sure, I have heard his songs before, but the concert made it so real! I feel for his music the way some feel for the Twighlight series....just can't wait more, and when it is over, you are left with a sense of completion, and can't stop thinking about it.

The band stuck around after the concert, but I got kicked out before I had a chance to go meet him. *Sniff. I am ok with that, but I am totally planning on it next time. And yes, there will be a next time.

Here are the lyrics to my favorite song. I also found this youtube video that was on Ellen. It was the best I could find that had the clarity that will make you swoon too! You may even learn a new language while you watch it. Hey, you never know.


shoelaces untied
you can dry your eye
perfect shadows lie behind us
and this is the day i make you mine

the way your hair lies
sometimes unrecognized
all the way from nice, today
on a train
nothing to say but there's still time

and here comes the sun, it's been baiting 'morn today

lately i've lost my tongue
today you found my song
unknown our love has grown
and i thank god you came along

and you are the one i've been waiting for today
and here comes the sun, it's been baiting 'morn today

you looked right through me there was no one else
i sat beside you and became myself, today

and you are the one i've been waiting for today
and here comes the sun, it's been baiting 'morn today

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