Thursday, August 28, 2008


So, I am taking my GRE on Saturday morning and I am totally freaked out. I have been studying since May and took a break in July because I was freaking out so much about it. I couldn't eat, or sleep well and I would have nightmares about being late to the test and not getting a good enough score to let me in a program. of those kinds of tests.

I am beating myself up over the fact that I took a break in July. I can't help but think, "Lord, help me pass this test using the best of my abilities, but also make me superwoman to know the things that I could not (did not) study." I already know that is not how it works, but I am praying for that anyway. You can all pray for that too...if you want!

After the GRE, I catch my flight to go see my cute little bro, Brendon. It is his last Sunday in California and he will be giving his 'farewell' talk before serving his two-year mission in Johannesburg, South Africa! AAH. I am so excited to see him and hang with him one last time before he disappears for two years to serve the Lord.

In either case, wish me luck.


brent said...

Good luck, Linds! You're gonna hit that suckah out of the park!

Brenden+Nikki said...

GOOD LUCK!! I will pray for ya! :)

A Bunch of Paynes said...

Ahh, Lindsey girl, you are in my prayers for all the stresses you're dealing with right now! I'm so sorry to hear about your former boss! You are going to do great on your GRE. There's nothing more you can learn in the next couple of days that you haven't already learned, so just pray for peace to not be stressed out about it. And set your alarm clock. :)
I love you, chica!


Good luck on the GRE. I know you will do well. Love

Tara Bergsjo said...

You are a very smart person. So I am sure you will do great! Try to calm down and make sure you get some rest! Tell your family hi and that I love them all!!