Monday, August 4, 2008


Yesterday became a very contemplative day for me. I woke up not really looking for answers to some of my life's questions, but ended up getting a peace of mind about some things. During church services, we had the opportunity to share different experiences we have had that have increased our beliefs and knowledge of the Savior and our faith in Him.

Someone in the church service got up and started talking about how he normally finds God. He mentioned that he has been going through a rough spot in his life and needed to feel the comfort of his Savior. One way he found helps him recognize this love is by taking himself on hikes. He said that he feels the closest to God when he escapes to the mountains. He had planned a weekend hike of about 24 miles. He stayed overnight and noticed that there was going to be a storm. So, he ended up hiking out, for a round-trip of 17 miles (if I understood him correctly). It was what he said afterward that really got to me. He said that a feeling came over him during church yesterday. To quote him as best I can: "Even though I felt like I could get closer to God in the mountains, there is a feeling here in church that is sustaining me. Because of what has been said today by others, I realized that it is here that we can become closer to our Father in Heaven."

Throughout the day, I had been contemplating why I attend church service. I know for myself why I go- so that I can renew the covenants that I made with my Father in Heaven and take it upon myself to always remember my Savior.

Yesterday, a thought came to me about something someone said to me a while ago that rubbed me the wrong way at the time. During this time, I remember asking them if they were going to church and the response was, "Well, who is going to be there?" I remember having a really hard time with that comment because for me going to church was something completely different than the social aspect. HOWEVER, after some other thoughts during Sunday School, I realized how important it REALLY is, to have people in my life that can be that conduit and allow the Spirit of the Lord testify of His truth through other people to me. I recognize now that I should not have let that question rub me wrong.

I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday about the people I associate with. Sure, there are some people that mock others that say they are grateful for roommates or friends, but I have to say that now more then ever, I have recognized that those people (roommates, friends and family) are my angels here on earth.

I find that I receive answers to my prayers through other people. It has always worked that way with me. Yesterday, even though I wasn't searching for one particular answer, I was comforted knowing that no matter how I find Christ, that I could always come to church and find Him, remember Him, repent and allow Him to work miracles in my life through other people.

I had a teacher when I was 17 years old that taught our Young Women's class who loved to quilt. She gave a lesson one Sunday about the people in our lives that make up our quilt of life. I will never forget her testimony as she shared what she had learned from these people in her life.

I am truly grateful for those who have made up the quilt of my life. I do not believe in coincidence, but know that Heavenly Father is very aware of me and puts people in my life for a reason. I believe and know there are angels on this earth that have been sent in the form of friends and family to lift me up when I have fallen. It was nice to remember what it is like to have that in my life...all because of the unity I felt when I went to church.


Traci said...


Caught sight of your blog through Ashley Stolworthy's site. I was thrilled to see you're doing well! My blog is private, however, if you're interested in getting an invitation, e-mail me at Hope to hear from you! Take care... Traci Fowler

Christiana Huish said...

Lindsey! Hey! I haven't talked to you in forever! How are things going?

John and Angela said...

I love this post, Linds. Wonderfully put!