Thursday, August 21, 2008

Look out Jack Johnson, Zach Gill in the house!

So, I was going to wait until I had photos from the concert, but I just can't wait to tell you all about Jack Johnson! Not only do I think Jack and I belong together, but I would have to say that I am almost as much in love with his pianist as I am with him! Zach Gill is amazing. Mid-way through the concert, my sweetheart Jack pulled up his lovely comrades that will no longer be touring. They all did a pretty awesome song, but it wasn't until he invited his right-hand man, Zach to the stage that my heart did a little jump!

I love Jack's sound, his surfin' style and chill rhythm sends me on a trip every time I close my eyes. There I am, on the coast of Hawaii, laying on the sand letting the ocean play with my feet. Aah, sweet escape.

Now, with Zach...I have a very similar daydream, accept I am lying on the beach on the Mediterranean Sea, French side. Take me to Nice any day baby. Zach's style is a lot more playful, as are his words!! I think the fact that he plays the accordion with such a cool sense of whisper blues intrigues me. I am absolutely fascinated with the joy-ride my ears took! What adventure. What sweet nothings that were whispered in my ear at that moment in time. Midway through the song, Jack commented that Zach's words weren't as 'kid-friendly.' I had to laugh since the main chorus was: Girl, I wanna lay you down. My favorite line of the song, "I Wanna Lay You Down," would have to be:

"Turn out the lights, bring out the candles. Wrap your arms around my love handles."

Jack you make me swoon. Zach, you make me want to swoon with Jack on the French coast.

Here is Zach's promo video too:


Tara Bergsjo said...

You are so funny! a lot of your post make me laugh! I love how your brain works!!

Nikki said...

I as well, share in your love affair for the man with the sultry, poetic proes (sp?). His last two cd's are among the favorites in my collection- well, the two before this new one. Here is where I need your opinion...Do you have his newest cd? I had heard it was all political- and Im not much into my music telling me what to think (especially when it is all leftist liberal crap). Opinion? I really do love him...believe it or not, the man helped me through labor with Katelyn! (Then I had an affair and Josh Groban helped me through labor with Bridget)