Thursday, July 9, 2009

Every Monster Has Its Vice

First, I must, I am not on drugs...and for those of you who are, that last statement was in no way meant to be offensive. Thanks for understanding. Lately, I have been having night hallucinations. It is true. No, they are often not cutie cute boys calling at my door. Oh heavens, I would welcome those 'nightmares' any day. No, these hallucinations happen to be either a HUGE spider crawling from my ceiling oh so quietly and planting itself right by my head, OR a HUGE black floating evil presence, which is always conveniently found to the left of my bed. To put you in the moment, imagine waking up to a person just standing there staring at you...and you don't know who this person is....yeah, that feeling you get just thinking about it is the feeling I get almost every night. CRAZY, right...!? I know, I know.

So, what is the solution to this problem that gave me nightmares? Well, obviously, the best solution is a bed-mate. This position has yet to be filled. So, until that time, a realistic solution would be to tell everyone about it who loves and cares about me unconditionally, because telling a stranger would only make matters worse as I am sure I would be sent to some kind of an institution where I would be treated with shock therapy. I don't think I need to be shocked quite yet.

So, I told my parents about my weird experiences. We talked about the possibilities of why this would happen including foods that I have been eating, if I am getting enough exercise, if I am watching too much TV before bed, what time I am eating before falling asleep, if I am stressed...all this stuff. I deduced it down to sushi after 9:00 p.m. without exercising that day. Alas...I don't think that is it either because these hallucinations happen even when I don't eat sushi.
I just can't put my finger on it because I have the weirdest sleeping/eating/exercising schedule EVER.

So, I shared my experience with a licensed doctor, whose house we stayed at in Sierra Vista when I visited last weekend. Though an unbelievable jokester more than he is a licensed practitioner, he gave some profound advice. He said "Every monster has its vice. So just find out what your monster hates and use that to your advantage to get rid of it." Needless to say, whenever I turned the light on to get rid of these black spots and hideous spiders, they went away. My 10-year old brother gave me the best present in the world to help me with my monsters.

I am a 27 year old with a night-light.


Tiffany said...

When I'm sleeping alone I usually have to have a light as well. Or my mind will start to hear and see things. So linds I don't think your crazy because you see things. I think your crazy for other reasons. :)

Lish Fish said...

LINZ! Love you! You are awesome. I love that you have a nightlight. that rocks. What a sweetie. I tell my kids to say a prayer before bed when they are having works. The faith of children. ;O)

Work on that bedmate tho...that is a great solution as well!

Tara Bergsjo said...

If Rob is not in bed with me I also sleep with a light on. So now you know a couple of other weird people. It must run in the family. Any how I am glad you have come up with some ideas to make things better.

Nikki said...

I LoVe that you wrote about this...I have a very similar problem. Sometimes I have nightmares about someone coming into my house...You know, lurking in the doorway and slowly walking to the side of my bed, hands outstretched...CREEPY! On more than one occasion, I have woken myself and Jeff up screaming...It is very real and very scary- I see NOTHING whatsoever wrong with a nightlight! You aren't the only one!

V.I.C.K.I. said...

Wait..real hallucinations? I've been getting better when I'm alone but I used to be up ALL night.