Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Papers...a lot like life

I have just written a 20-page paper, but am having the darned'est time coming up with a conclusion. It really shouldn't be that hard, right? I mean shooting out 20 pages was no biggy...I even had to condense it down some. Sure, I am a nerd-o, but really...what is the deal?

It think that coming up with the last pages of this paper is a lot like life. You can read the paper over and over and each time come up with a different conclusion. What is the next step? How does it end? Can't it have multiple endings and not just one? What if the one I come up with turns out to be the best and not the better? What is the point in stepping into the unknown if I am just going to get an 'F' anyway?

Such is the way with decisions* - eh? Or am I just crazy?

PS: For those of you who think I am talking about 'dating,' sorry to disappoint, I am talking about making decisions in general. Stop reading into it...sheesh!


The Dustin' Man-goose Family! said...

Did you ever read those create-your-own-adventure stories? You should turn it into a create-your-own-conclusion paper.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Dustin Mangoose: Oh, I love that idea!! Genius!

Rustin & Kelsi said...

I like this post and the comments! That would be great to turn in a create your own conclusion paper. I wonder if anyone's ever done that. What a fab idea!