Thursday, July 23, 2009

Minty wheat thins

You would think that zip-lock bags would be the save-all of everything. Just like Windex helps not only to clean windows, but is also very effective on burns, cuts, scrapes...or whatever (well, at least according to "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"). My thoughts revert back to zip-lock baggies. Meant to keep things fresh, right....not to mention keep things out? Who knew that no matter what zip-lock says it does not keep out freezer burn/wear and tear. Oh, and I also had to discover the hard way, that it also does not keep water out. Yes, through a series of rather unfortunate events, my zip-lock bag that was holding my ever-so-precious keys and remote for my car, while floating down a river, was penetrated by that substance of which broke my remote, not allowing me into my oh-so-ever-thief-protected vehicle. Well, today, zip-lock did it again. My ever-so-unpenetrable zip-lock bag full of wheat thins shared a compartment in my backpack with my Extra ice-flavored gum....and you guessed it, minty wheat thins.

I now introduce you to my new business venture. The ad goes something like this.

"Imagine you are running late to a business meeting with the most important client in the world who could bring in millions for you and your company. You grab a bite to eat, running out the door...only to realize you forgot your mints. What are you going to do? You don't have time to go to the store to grab mints. You hope and pray someone in the office will have some, but to your great despair....they don't, and you find yourself shaking hands with this future client, your breath stankin with morning food left-overs. If only there was a way you could eat on the run and not have to worry about the after affects of food-smelling breath."

"Well, now is your lucky day!! Introducing a Hint of Mint. All our foods are pre-packaged and wrapped with mint-flavored gum to keep your foods nice and fresh with a minty flavor and scent that lasts far beyond breakfast. Grab a treat and experience the joy of eating your favorites with a little bit of minty-taste added to leave you with fresh smelling breath. Go to your business meetings in confidence. Try any of our Hint of Mint products today. You won't be dissapointed...and if you are, let's hope you don't lose that million dollar deal on account of your breath!"

Word to the wise: think twice before using a zip-lock that keeps the minty, watery, or freezery things out.



Great post. I know a patent lawyer if you want to start working on your idea.

Lish Fish said...

I love you Linds. Come see us!!

Kirsten said...

Fruity or minty oatmeal and ramen that were stored with gum in a 72 hour kits also are VERY nasty!

Anything but housework said...

I think that zip locks were only invented for the compulsive organizer. I organized the St. G. toy closet and used about 4 bags to keep the monopoly money straight. After visitors came I had to find the bags, and reorganize, so there is another bad thing about the zip locks.