Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bless-ed is this life

The title of my post is taken from Brett Dennen, my favorite summertime musician. I really am the luckiest girl. Putting my worries on the shelf for the summertime seemed appropriate so that I could enjoy what life has to offer. Instead of listing all the details, why don't I just show you some of my fave summer memories...so far. I know you all are suckers for pictures anyway....

Picture 1: This is Becky and me biking up in Littledale (East Canyon on the way to Park City). I have taken up mountain biking and LOVE it. I am not excited for my first fall, but know it will happen...c'est la vie.

Picture 2: Jason and me in Lake Powell. I went with 5 other girls and one other boy. Highlights: spending the night in the Wal-mart parking lot, eating at Denny's the next morning, battling 8-foot swells due to the wind, hanging with really great people, getting pulled over by the boat sheriff, tubing, dutch-oven dinners, grilling steak, reading a book in my tent, sand blowing in everything (I am still finding it every where), midnight cruises on the lake lit by the full moon.

Picture 3: One more Powell pic, just for fun. This is Nate, Michelle, Me and Jason. The water in this pic is far from serene. We had to put towels over us to keep from the water splashing in the boat. It was incredibly windy, but the next day...of course...the water was pure glass.

Picture 4: I went to Moab with my ward. We hiked, biked, camped and later, I took off with friends to go river rafting. I felt invincible and very hard core. Highlights: seeing so many amazing natural arches, flipping over in the raft, making life-long survival friends and yelling 'survivors' every 3 seconds on the rest of the way down the Colorado River, jamming to tunes until lights out at the campground, biking up slick rock, my friend Darnell's bike broke: but we had Jimmy the incredible fix-it man with us to save the day, sleeping on a queen size air mattress, showering at the campground where everyone made fun of me...hey, if there is a shower at the camping site, you bet I am going to use it!

Picture 5: Kelly, Darnell and me setting up our tent.

The memories continue: Catching up with all the wardies on their lives, getting a tour of this really nice hotel from a 9-year old (Grace), finding my way from out under the raft after it capsized, rescuing our people, winning the splash battles just by calling it first, getting a Moab t-shirt, making it up really hard hills without falling off my bike :)...the list goes on and on.

Picture 6: Julie, Kerrie, Me, Darnell and Kelly...the survivors.

Picture 7: Me, Katie, Nate, Alma, Sherri, Shannon, Dan (on the bottom row), Jared, Kim. Demolition Derbies...need I say more!!

Picture 8: Tedi, Wyatt, Stephanie, Brandon and me at the Bees game. I don't remember who won...hee hee, but I do remember charging the field to see fireworks...and fireworks THEY WERE!

Picture 9: Alma and I at the Bee Gees tribute. When mom, dad and Bryan came to town, we all went to look at houses for fun in Daybreak during their garage sale days. A radio station was doing a remote at one of the model homes. Needless to say, my dad won tickets to the Bee Gees tribute concert and gave them to me. Thanks dad!

So, I think that sums up my summer with more adventures to come...I don't have pics of my class, or my two jobs (consulting and research assisting), but I do that as well. In fact, I had to tell my dad that really, I am working...I just know how to play hard too, that's all.


The Solomon Fam said...

I'm glad you play hard! Also it looks like I am not going to make it to SV until later next week so I will not make it to the little get together. I'm so sorry, I was looking forward to seeing you! Hope you guys have fun.

Lish Fish said...

You are always off doing something awesome! How fun for you. I love biking...still not adventurous...I dont go off road or anything yet, but would love to. You are beautiful. Miss ya babe! Come visit us up here....we'll take you boating!!

Nicole said...

You are so CUTE! I miss talking to you. It sounds like you are having way too much fun. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your Summer.

Elisa said...

Lindsey...did you take on a modeling job on the side?!?!? You look so stunning and GORGEOUS in picture number 2!! Why hasn't a hottie snatched you yet? What is wrong with those UT boys? I'm glad you are enjoying life, you deserve all of that happiness! Love ya! :)

Carolyn Hanson said...

You are a babe, Linds. You look like you're having a blast! I'm coming to UT in August-I want to see you and the girls okay? I'll be in touch.