Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pot or not

So, someone smokes pot in the basement of my building at least 2 times a week. I am sure you are thinking, well Lindsey, how do you know what pot smells like? Allow me to explain.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I rode the bus to school. I would walk 10 blocks to the bus station, where I would meet my fellow neighborhood comrades and we would share a very interesting journey with Jim the bus driver to school every day. Well, upon riding the bus my sophomore year, I noticed certain smells in the air. These weren't your average teenage smells like morning breath, non-deodorant users, forgot to take a shower for 3-days kind of smells..this was something new. It smelled like I was back at the horse stalls up on post, but with a little bit of chokey mixed in. That is when I discovered that there were a group of kids smoking pot in the back of the bus.

My first reaction was to report them to Jim the bus driver, but the rumor was that he was pot smoker too....and not only that, but the kids at the back of the bus were mean, and I didn't want to get beat up. So, amongst my tears...because apparently I reacted to the smoke, I stuck my head out the window for two weeks. I finally went next door to my neighbor and asked if she could give me a ride to school. The plan worked for a while, until we started picking up my neighbors' friend on the way to school, who also had a bad habit of smoking.

What a dilemma: going to school with welled up eyes and smelling that nasty pot smell, or going to school smelling like an ashtray oh, and also with bloodshot eyes, because I also have a reaction to ciggy smoke. Sorry for all of you that smoke, I am not trying to offend, this was just my experience.

Anywho, that is how I know what pot smells like.

So, I was driving down the road yesterday sucking on a blow-pop and I thought, I wonder how many people think this is a ciggy? Really, if the bulge of the blow-pop isn't showing in your cheek, it really does look like a ciggy. I mean, remember the whole, 'avoid the appearance of evil' religious talks I have told some of you about? I wonder if sucking on a lolly is included in that theory.



Kirsten said...

I know that smell because the girl that sat in front of me in first hour Spanish class my sophmore year reaked of it and I felt like I was getting high off of her :)

I have often wondered about the lollipop appearance as well....

A Bunch of Paynes said...

Well, we all have our vices, huh. You'll have to see if there's a BPA chapter know, Blow Pops Anon. You know what smell offends me - Axe on an overambitious teenager on a pioneer trek in the middle of nowhere, pushing the wagon right behind him and being unjustly down wind. My nostrils burn just remembering that one. I have thought about giving the wrong appearance when drinking IBC rootbeer. Totally looks like a beer bottle.

Laurel Leaves said...

Um, ya. Pot smells like burning hay. I know from experience... but then my Jr. High smelled like Tequilla so I would say our school years were fairly different.

Funny thing about the whole appearance of evil thing:

My dad and I were in Hawaii one time and having dinner at Chucks (best food on the main Island if it is still there) anyway he orders and O'Douls non-alcoholic beer! I totally freak out on him and then ordered a virgin daquiri.

When it came it took me a second to see the irony and have a good laugh at myself.

I love that you can look inward rather than outward when things like that hit you. It is important to know what we are doing right and wrong far more than what our neighbors are doing right or wrong.

Kudos kiddo.

Anything but housework said...

Hey, I can't remember such a tragic going to school thing. Poor Baby, I have forgotten a lot of stuff, but I'm glad you learned that pot smoking is disgusting. Maybe that is why we are thrown into situations.