Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look what Mamma Blau is up to now

My mom is nuts...and I mean that in a good way! She has a different project every week...which is one thing that makes my mom, my mom. And it ROCKS!

Lately, she has been into making these lit
tle bags...that also ROCK!!

My poor mom though, really. Today we were talki
ng about how this sewing fad didn't pass on to me or my sister. I have noticed that a lot of my girlfriends have taken up sewing since they have had children. Maybe then I will get into it.

I remember how my mom did summer school with Jamie and me one year and one of the classes that we took from her was sewing. We both got incredibly frustrated when we worked so hard at putting something together and it didn't look just right. Talking with my friends who are taking up sewing, they have also expressed frustration with sewing. Well, people, I will let you in on a little isn't going to be perfect for a while. That is right, sewing is just like life. It takes time before it is perfect.

I don't know how to scan pictures in this thing, but I could show you that my mom's sewing wasn't necessarily 'perfect' all the time. When she was experimenting for the first little while on childrens clothing, she used me as her model...or some might say 'dummy.' For the first couple years of my life, I was a boy. My mom used material from my dad's old shirts and made me clothes. THAT'S RIGHT! I was a boy for the first couple years of my life.

Mom has never had problems experimenting new patterns, designs and materials on all of us kids. For some reason, Jamie somehow escaped this, but not me...or Brendon for that matter. I think Bryan is truly the luckiest. He can say, "Hey mom, I want to be Jack from Pirates this year for Halloween." And she can whip something up right away. Lucky kid....

But, Brendon...oh dear Brendon...poor Brendon. I remember mom getting into swimsuits. The girly swimsuits were fun. I think that was when she really realized that I was a girl! But, poor Brendon, he was doomed as soon as my mom found the SPEEDO pattern. But not only a Speedo pattern to cut out the swimsuit...the material was pink and turquoise cheetah print. Oh...ha ha tee hee side!

I love looking at the old pics.

I make fun, but really....I LOVE my mom's rewarding hobbies and I mean it. I have piano music, paintings, swimsuits (yes she still makes them for me...when I beg), cabbage patch doll clothes, bags (and even one for my laptop), DVD experiment videos, creative writing books she wrote in and made, CDs of all the songs that remind her of her life growing up, all the home videos of our family (world's best Christmas gift ever), quilts (like the one she made for my future my bed), Halloween costumes that my sister and I fought/fight over (the pink Jeannie costume being my favorite..who says a girl can't be a little scandalous on Halloween ;), bini's, scarves,jewelry (shrinky-dink and clay), beaded ornaments, primary/sunday school lesson plans with games, elementary school lessons, knit blankets, crocheted blankets...the list goes on an on!

I love that my mom always has to learn something new. She is so creative and talented. I admire her talents...and really am sad that I haven't carried her traits. I still have needles sitting in my cupboard with yarn on them...waiting to be knitted into something fabulous. A pot holder, a wicked long scarf...something. And yet...they sit, untouched since last year!

The woman is amazing. If you haven't gathered yet. Sometimes she will post her creations on her blog. You should really check it out. I keep telling her to sell her stuff. Who here is interested in buying any of the things I mentioned?? Maybe if I get enough comments, it will convince her to sell stuff!

Love you mom....maybe your future grandkids will inherit this skill....


Lish Fish said...

Your momma rocks. Rissa still has a suit that was Kennas she wears. I love the little ruffles on the butt.

We also have hoards of CPK doll cloths that are awesome. Love it!
I love you momma...she is so incredibly talented. I would love to be able to sew like that...still simple patchwork and rag quilts for me, but one day I would love to be as cool as Aunt Lynda.

A Bunch of Paynes said...

I LOVE her purses! So sew cute. :) I would buy one in a heartbeat.
I remember I used to be amazed that she could make swimsuits. (Still am.) And I will probably eventually frame the one she made for Bekah. I LOVE it.
Now I know I can go to her for one for Jacob, in er, um cheetah pink. :)

Tara Bergsjo said...

I LOVE your mom! I love how talented she is and I love what a wonderful mom she has been to you guys. I think I get a little jealous sometimes. Your whole family is a wonderful example. I LOVE your moms swimsuits! They now make swimsuits for boys that are a one piece, but covers the chest to,( does that make any sense).Anyhow I think that should be your moms next project. Then she could give it to my handsome boy. :) I also love her bags and have already told her I would buy one for each of my girls and one for myself. They love purses and bags, they must take after me!

caryn said...

Your mom is so awesome!!! Tell her hello for me, btw. And your dad too!!!

Okay remember when your mom made Kori a swimsuit out of that neon yellow stuff that was tragically see-through when it got wet?!?!

Also, no it is not gross that you love Liam's fat butt. It's deliciously chubby and I have to pinch it sometimes. Um, I've never bitten it though. ROFL maybe that's a little weird. But that's why I love you.


I would buy a bag!

The Schneider Family said...

Wow I didn't know your mom did all that!! I want a PURSE!!!!!! They are so stinking cute!

The Schneider Family said...

I would totally buy one!