Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I was 16 years old, driving down 92 toward the city library, either to actually go to the library or to watch Brendon play soccer, I don't quite remember. Jamie and mom were in the car with me..and mom didn't want to drive. We were laughing at something mom said, like we always did and do when we are together. Mid conversation, my mom says, "Lindsey, I'm pregnant." My eyes fill with tears, I was so excited!

You see, there are a couple things you need to know in order for me to continue with this story. FLASHBACK: When my family had something important to tell everyone, like if we were moving, if dad's job was changing, if mom got a calling, or whatever, we would have a family council. The conversation always began, "We have something important to tell you." I remember one time, I don't remember exactly how old I was, but I said, "Ooh, you're pregnant." It kind of became a joke in our family and every time our parents said, "We have something important to tell you," we would all chime in and say "You're pregnant."

BACK TO THE STORY: So, when my mom told me that she was really pregnant, I was overwhelmed with joy and totally excited. In the brief seconds before we got to our destination, I imagined this new little person who would enter our household and how lucky I was to be a big sister one more time before I left for college.

Then my mom looked at me and said, "April Fools."

I didn't talk to my mom for 2 weeks. Happy Anniversary Mom :)

Ah, but now here is the clincher, which is why NO one should ever say they are pregnant on April Fools Day. A couple months later we sat down for family council and dad said, "Kids we have something important to tell you," and we all said,"You're pregnant." My mom and my dad just looked at each other and smiled.

I screamed, "Serves you right!" Well, at least that what I think I screamed. There may have been tears too that could have been from laughing so hard we cried, or just because the excitement was real this time.


Lish Fish said...

Ha ha ha!! Hilarious. She was so cute pregnant. I remember being pregnant with Kenna at the same time. That is crazy!!

When I was pregnant with Brady I had Coltin convinced we had just found out it was twins. He was out telling neighbors and everything. Ha ha.

Nikki said...

That is such a funny story...I can totally see you so upset that you didn't talk to her. If I thought really hard I would probably remember you complaining about it to us at seminary or in YW...You're not kidding though- pregnancy is not a good April Fools joke- never, never!

John and Angela said...

What a great story!

Anything but housework said...

okay--Jamie, you and I were on our way to your paino lesson. After I picked up Jamie we concoted this April Fools joke. We didn't think it would have such a bag ending. Your poor piano teacher. I'm sure you had a rough lesson, or she did, anywhoo--back fired or not, Bryan is all worth it and when he jumped in the car yesterday 4/1/09--he said sister Jorgenson was pregnant. She had just had her seventh child--he can't catch me on that one--ha ha. I wonder why Jamie didn't announce hers? April fools again. This pregnancy thing has got to stop. Ha Ha.

Tara Bergsjo said...

I remember hearing that story! I am so glad that she did get pregnant though. That little brother of your is so cute and fun!

Merri said...

That is great! What a funny story! Bet you can't even imagine your famiy without your little bro in it, though huh?!

Walking With Tippytoes! said...

Thats funny! I can just imagine it!

Laurel Leaves said...

I heart your blog. I love your family!! You are all so fun and so funny!

BTW, that urge to fly to's me.

RO said...

That's sooo funny. I actually pulled that one on Robi on April fool's this year. He bought it. Until 2 seconds later when I burst out laughing.... Miss you Linds!